How to slide your finger to delete (archive) Gmail messages on iPhone

Geek 2.0 - May 22, 2020

How to slide your finger to delete (archive) Gmail messages on iPhone - Intertuto

Did you know this? Follow the instructions to let you delete or archive Gmail messages quickly and with a single swipe.

           You can manage your Gmail messages in the Mail app for iPhone by deleting or archiving an email. This can be made easier for you if you swipe to delete or archive an email. By dragging your messages, you must first change a simple setting on your phone, then display a Trash or Archive option. You may either want to delete emails instead of archiving them, or you may want to keep them during scanning without them staying in the inbox. Both are possible.

To perform the first case, have the recycle bin on your iPhone and for the second case, activate the drag option to create an archive.

N.B: the instructions in this article are relevant for iOS 12 although they can also apply to older versions of iOS.

How to enable scanning to delete or archive emails

To enable the option to delete or archive emails with a swipe, follow these instructions:

 Open the Settings application;

 Go to Passwords and accounts (called in old versions Accounts and passwords);

 In the list that appears, select an email account;

 In the Account menu, click on the e-mail address again;

 Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced;

 In the Forward deleted messages to section, select Deleted mailbox or Archive. There you will know what to do if by sliding your finger in Mail you see a Delete button or an Archive button. If you want to swipe to delete emails, you need to confirm at the top of this screen that the deleted Mailbox redirects to the trash. If during scanning you set Archive instead of Delete, you must also set Archive Mailbox to All Mail. Delete the archive button if archiving is set to delete the mail. This is not done by scanning rather by selecting More> Move message, then select Trash;

 Click Account at the top of the screen or slide your finger from the left edge to return to the previous screen, then click Finish to finish the process.

How to drag your emails

If you consult the e-mails of the account above modified in the Mail application, to display the Trash or Archive option (it depends on what you have set), the Indicator option and the More option, you just scan an email from right to left. If you want to process an email, click on Trash or Archive. If it happens that you want to archive a particular message but you had set the Trash option instead of Archive, select More, click Move message, then All messages.

This whole article is a brief lesson that allows you to delete or archive Gmail messages quickly and at the same time. You have been given instructions on how to enable scanning to delete or archive emails and an overview on how you can drag your emails. The application of what is given in this article, will lead you to the result of your expectation in relation to the subject.

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