How to see new Gmail messages in the iOS notification center

Geek 2.0 - May 28, 2020

How to see new Gmail messages in the iOS notification center - Intertuto

With the applications given in this tip, you will receive your updates directly on your iPhone. Follow carefully what is given to you here.

               The Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch not only alerts you to new messages, but also collects emails (including the sender, subject, and opening words) in the Notification Center. It is up to you whether you choose to see emails only in the Notification Center and / or do not display audible alerts or pop-ups on the lock screen.

It is possible that you can also configure Gmail in iPhone Mail and have new messages checked regularly by it by adding them to the notification center during their extraction. With push Mail support, you can also add Gmail as an Exachange account.

See new Gmail messages in the iOS notification center

The following process allows you to list and preview your new emails entering your Gmail account in the notification center of your iPhone or iPad:

 Have the Gmail app and log into your accounts;

 On your iPhone; open Settings, select Notifications, then find and click Gmail;

 Activate the switch located next to Allow notifications (it will be green) and the Notification Center parameter located under the Alerts header (it will have a blue check mark);

 To open the message in the Gmail application, click on an email in the notification center.

Additional iOS notification settings for Gmail

It is possible that by activating the notifications you can define certain additional parameters to obtain the number of alerts you want. You can control this:

1. See notifications on the lock screen and while using your phone

Click the Lock screen and Banners options under Alerts for additional notifications outside the notification center. The Lock screen setting helps you see incoming messages in Gmail without unlocking your iPhone, and the Banners setting lets you open a window on your phone when another application wears out.

The behavior of the banners can be adjusted if you click on Banner style to access the Temporary and Permanent option. Temporary just tells you that the banners will disappear at some point and Permanent means that they will remain on the screen until you delete them.

2. Adjust sounds and badges for Gmail notifications

To control additional alerts for your Gmail notifications, the Sounds and Badges switches help you do this. The Sounds switch allows you to emit a tone to alert you of the notification and Badges allows you to put a number on the application icon on your home screen.

Notification settings in the Gmail app

Each Gmail application has its own settings for the messages for which you will receive alerts. The following procedure allows you to adjust them:

 Open the Gmail application;

 In the upper left corner; click on the Plus icon or on the three horizontal lines, then drag the mouse down and click on Settings;

 Click on the account you want to configure in case you use several accounts in the application. Select Notifications on the next screen. You will see three options including:

• All new mail: this option sends you everything that happens.

• High priority: it only alerts you to messages that Gmail considers important.

• None: it disables notifications.

 Your changes are automatically saved

By following what was given to you in this article, you will receive your updates directly on your iPhone. With the apps given to you throughout this article, you can see new Gmail messages in the iOS notification center, find out the additional settings for the iOS notification for Gmail as well as Notification settings in the Gmail app .

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