Make your email more efficient with Gmail templates

Geek 2.0 - June 01, 2020

Make your email more efficient with Gmail templates - Intertuto

Type less and send faster in Gmail. Learn how this is possible and follow the instructions to get there.


               With email templates you are able to send faster by writing less. However, you will be more efficient in writing your messages. You have in the email templates predefined answers to quickly insert in any email that can give you all the details that you should write with each new message. The rest of this article will show you how to use them.

How to activate predefined replies in Gmail

Activate the templates in Gmail before using them. The prerecorded response feature makes it easy for you.

N.B: you can go directly to step 4 by directly accessing your Gmail Advanced (Labs) page.

Here's how:

 In the toolbar of your Gmail account below your image, click on the Settings gear;

 From the menu, select Settings;

 Go to the Advanced tab which was called Labs;

 Select Activate next to Predefined Answers;

 Click the Save Changes button;

How to save a message as a Gmail template

The predefined models offered by Google do not exclude you from creating and personalizing your models. To save an email for later use as a template in Gmail:

 Compose your message template in Gmail. You can leave the signature there if you want it to appear, but since the Subject: and To: fields are not saved, you can leave them blank.

 Select Predefined answers, then New predefined answer in this new menu;

 Give a name to your new model. Even if it is possible to change the subject by inserting the template, the name is also used as the subject of the message;

 To save the Gmail template, press Ok.

How to create a new message or reply using a Gmail template

Here is how the template created should be used as a predefined reply or as a reply in Gmail:

 Compose a new message or reply, then select More options;

 In this menu, select Responses in reserve;

 To immediately import this template into the message, select the desired template in the Insert area.

N.B: Do not forget to fill in the To: and Subject: fields.

In order for Gmail to replace existing text, you need to highlight it before inserting the template. For example, you can manually type a text and insert the template of the message to include after the custom text.

N.B: Gmail can help you send the prerecorded replies if you ask. For more information, see How to reply automatically in Gmail.

How to edit a message template in Gmail

If you've changed your Gmail template and want to make some adjustments, follow this process:

 Click Compose to create a new e-mail message, then select More options, then Predefined replies;

 In the Insert section, select the template you want to modify and import it into your email message;

 Modify the models according to your preferences;

 Return to the More options section, then Saved responses, select the already modified template, then select Save;

 When the Confirm overwrite standard response with the message Prompt will overwrite your saved standard response. Are you sure you want to continue ?, Select Ok.

You learn how to type less and send faster. This is possible if you activate the predefined replies in Gmail and save a message as a Gmail template. You also learned how to create a new message or reply using a Gmail template and how to edit a message template in Gmail.

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