How to set up address book groups in Gmail

Geek 2.0 - April 14, 2020

How to set up address book groups in Gmail - Intertuto

Create a new contact group in Gmail, an empty contact group and add members to a Gmail group and how to delete them.

You can stop writing all email addresses in case you send emails to the same groups of people more than once by creating a group contact so that all email addresses can be grouped together and emailed easily.

When composing mail, start by entering the group name instead of entering a single email address after creating the mail group. Gmail will suggest the group, and you can click it to populate the To field with all of the group's email addresses automatically.

How to create a new Gmail group

Follow these instructions:

 Open Google Contacts;

 Check the box next to each desired contact in the group. Use the most contacted section to find all of the people you usually email;

 With the contacts still selected, click on the Groups button at the top of the screen. His photo represents three people with sticks;

 In the drop-down menu, click Create or select an existing group to create the contacts in their own list;

 Name the group in the New group prompt;

 Click OK to save the messaging group. The group should appear on the left of the screen in the My contacts area.

Create an empty group

Creating an empty group is useful when you want to add contacts later or add new email addresses quickly that are not yet in contact:

 On the left side of Google Contacts, click on New group;

 Name the group and click OK.

How to add members to a group

Go to the group in the left side menu, then click Add to button if you want to add new contacts to a list. In case of using a wrong email address for a specific contact, you must delete the contact from the group, then add it with the button by clicking on the correct email address.

N.B: the procedure to delete the group contact is given below.

You can also use the + (Plus) button to import bulk contacts from backup files such as CSV files.

How to remove members from a Gmail group

N.B: you must follow the following steps as they are written because once you use the + button and once you choose to delete the contacts, they will be deleted from your contacts not only from this group.

The steps are as follows:

 Choose the group from the menu on the left of Google Contacts;

 Select one or more contacts that you want to modify by hiding the corresponding box;

 Click on the Groups button;

 Find the group whose contacts you want to delete, then check the box to deactivate it;

 Click on Apply in the drop-down menu;

 Contacts should immediately be removed from the list and Gmail will notify you with a small notification at the top of the screen.

This article was helpful to you because it made it easy for you to create Gmail lists to send email to multiple people at once. You have learned how you can create a new contact group in Gmail, how to create an empty contact group. In addition, you learned how to add members to a group and how you can delete them from a Gmail group.

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