Firefox sync: what is it and how to use it

Geek 2.0 - May 29, 2020

Firefox sync: what is it and how to use it - Intertuto

Do you know Firefox sync? If not, find out what it is with these benefits and how to use it by reading this article.

           Among several of the oldest and most popular features of Firefox, the ability to synchronize data is one of them. The main objective was to bookmark but several large and robust services have adopted it, given its usefulness, which is why we ask you to learn how to create a Firefox account and connect to your browser to use the Firefox sync service. . You should know that you can use the browser without having signed up for a Firefox account, even if you are not logged in you can surf all your websites without problems and the bookmarks functionality that you usually use can be used only on other devices the bookmarks will not be displayed.

Characteristics of the Firefox / Firefox sync account

A Firefox account has a username and password created. It is this account which allows access to Firefox sync which is why it is necessary to know the relationship between the two even if in this article the reference will be made a lot to Firefox sync or only to sync in accordance with the needs of this article. The following advantages are for the benefit of those who connect:

1. Bookmark sync: it is one of the oldest features of Firefox that appeared at the time when third-party services like Xmarks were required for this feature.

2. Sending tabs between devices: this is possible if several devices are connected at the same time. There you can send a tab that you think is important in your phone to your PC.

3. Password synchronization: Firefox will help you synchronize your website passwords between desktop devices, as well as those running IOS through the Lockbox application.

4. Backed up content: Firefox continues to allow you to save to a device for later playback on another device and what is crucial is that it blocks offline content for your benefit while allowing you to access it without use your mobile data even when you're on the go. It is available on desktop, IOS and Android computers.

5. Notes synchronization: Firefox with its Notes functionality allows you to create text notes and access them on other devices even if advanced note-taking functionalities such as markup or graphic content are not supported. Available on desktop and Android computers.

6. Attention, the platform (s) supported by the above-mentioned functionalities must (must) pay particular attention. Being a non-profit organization, Mozilla will be careful when spending its development dollars in one place so that a feature is only available on certain platforms which seems to be important especially regarding Android and IOS support.

How to sign up for a Firefox account

i. The following channels allow registration for a Firefox account:

• If you have just installed Firefox, you will see at the first launch a start page inviting you to start your registration;

• When you select connect to synchronization at the top of the main menu, select you do not have an account? Start with the Firefox account preferences page. On the web connection page on all platforms, select create an account;

 ii. These will direct you to a simple registration form. Enter a valid email address.

iii. Create a strong password.

iv. Enter your age. You can check the box to get the latest news on Mozilla and Firefox if you wish.

v. Click on create an account to finish.

vi. Once connected, you will receive an email asking you to verify your identity. The email contains a link that you must select to complete the registration process.

vii. You have finished! Now you can use Firefox on all your devices.

How to connect to Firefox sync on the desktop

• Select the hamburger menu, then select connect to synchronization in the upper right corner of the Firefox window;

• This will take you to a web form to enter your email address and password;

• Once your connection is finished, the browser will show you a confirmation message;

• You will also see a notification that synchronization is in progress.

How to connect to Firefox sync on Mobile

• Tap the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then tap settings;

• Press login to enter your email address and password;

• You will be directed to a familiar login form on the web. Enter your email and password;

• Once the operation is complete, your data will be synchronized on the mobile device according to the options you chose when you registered for the first time.

As the article indicated by its title, this article consisted in making Firefox sync known what it is and once knowing it and finding interest in it how it should be used. We started by showing the characteristics of the Firefox account to get to know it better and the advantages arising from it once connected to it. Being convinced of it, you will need to connect either with your computer or with your mobile, reason why we showed you how to register in Firefox so that you have access to connect to it. Once registered, we have shown you how to connect to Firefox sync on the desktop and on Mobile.

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