How to export your Outlook contacts to a CSV file

Geek 2.0 - April 23, 2020

How to export your Outlook contacts to a CSV file - Intertuto

Create a contact list using Excel and convert your contact list to a CSV file. Read on to discover other things.

With Outlook, it's easy and quick to export your Outlook address book to CSV format in case you want to use and save your Outlook contacts in an application or service.

N.B: the instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and Outlook for office 355.

Convert your contact list to a CSV file

Open Outlook and do the following to export your contact lists:

 Go to the File tab and Select Open and export;

 Select Import / Export to launch the Import and Export Wizard;

 Choose Export to a file, then select Next;

 Choose Values ​​separated by commas, then select Next;

 Highlight the Contacts folder of your email account, then select Next;

 Select Browse;

 In the Browse dialog box, navigate to the location where you want to save the file, enter a file name, then select OK;

 Select Next;

 Select Done and the CSV file is automatically exported to the chosen location.

You learn from this article that you must have a contact list, which list must be created using Excel. This article consisted of converting your contact list into a CSV file.

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