Send a group email on your iPhone to undisclosed recipients

Geek 2.0 - April 23, 2020

Send a group email on your iPhone to undisclosed recipients - Intertuto

Create an address book entry for undisclosed recipients and send email to undisclosed recipients. Follow here instructions.

If you are sending an email to a group of recipients who do not know each other and you want to keep all the recipients of your group email confidential, it is not good to put them all in the To: or Cc field. : because e-mail addresses and names must be revealed to all recipients of your e-mail.

In iPhone Mail, however, access is easy and perfect via the Bcc: field. Something must then be put on the To line: and on the line "Undisclosed recipients" will be indicated.

Create an address book entry for "undisclosed recipients"

To configure the "Undisclosed recipients" contact which will facilitate the addressing of the message:

 Open the Contacts application on your iPhone, then press the + button to create a new entry;

 The cursor will start in the First name field. Type Undisclosed, then press the Name field and type Recipients. Tap Done when you are done.

N.B: if you want, you can put both words in the First name field;

 You will go to the contact page. Tap Edit, then tap Add email. Enter your email address, then save your changes by pressing Done;

 Your "Undisclosed Recipients" contact is ready to use.

Send email to undisclosed recipients in iPhone Mail

Follow these steps to send an email to "Undisclosed recipients" in iPhone Mail:

 Open the Mail application and create a new message by pressing the icon located in the lower right corner;

 Press + in the To: line. On the next screen, drag to or start typing in the undisclosed recipients entry in the search field. Whichever option you choose, press the list to add it to the To line :;

 Press the Cc / Bcc, From line to open these options. Enter the recipient of your email on the Bcc line;

 Write the rest of your email, then tap Send.

This article shows you that with your iPhone you can send an email intended for a group to undisclosed recipients. How to create an address book entry for undisclosed recipients and how to send email to undisclosed recipients were the subject of this entire article. Follow the ceiling instructions carefully to do it better.


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