How to send email to undisclosed recipients

Geek 2.0 - April 21, 2020

How to send email to undisclosed recipients - Intertuto

Read carefully and follow the instructions to learn how to keep email addresses private when sending email to multiple recipients.

The importance of keeping recipients undisclosed when sending an email is to keep the recipients' privacy and make them look clean and professional. The idea is to send an e-mail to several recipients while listing all their addresses in the To: or Cc fields: this exposes everyone's e-mail address and seems untidy for all those who look to whom the message has been sent.

To hide recipient email addresses from each other, email addresses must be entered in the Bcc: field. It's easy to do it like sending email to undisclosed recipients is. To make it clear to everyone that the message was sent to more than one person whose identity is unknown, an email must be sent with the name "Undisclosed Recipients."

How To Send Email To Undisclosed Recipients

 Create a new message in your email client;

 Type Undisclosed recipients in the To: field, followed by your email address in <>. Type Undisclosed recipients , for example. Once that doesn't work, create a new contact in the address book, name it "Undisclosed recipients", then type your email address in the corresponding text box;

 In the Bcc field, enter all the email addresses to which the message should be sent, separated by commas. Once these recipients are already in contact, it should be easy enough to start typing their names or addresses for the program to automatically fill in these entries. If your email program does not indicate the Bcc field by default, open the preferences and look for this option somewhere so that you can activate it;

 Compose the rest of the message normally by adding a subject and writing the body of the message, then send it when you are finished. When you finish doing this, feel free to create a new contact called "Undisclosed Recipients" which includes your email address. Next time, it will be easier to send the message to the contact you already have in your address book.

These instructions generally work in several programs, but some variations may exist. See its specific instructions on using the Bcc field to send a message to undisclosed recipients if your email client is listed below.


o Gmail

o iCloud Mail

o iOS Mail

o Mailbird

o Mozilla Thunderbird

o Perspective


o Windows Mail

o Yahoo Mail.

Ccc precautions

Seeing undisclosed recipients in the To: field of an email means that other people have received the same email without knowing who or why. What you should know is that you have sent your email to one name only (not to undisclosed recipients) and to other BCC recipients. What can damage your reputation and cause you negative feelings is when the original recipient or a CC recipient successfully finds out that other people have been copied from what they supposed to be private email. This is the problem that arises here.

It is easily discovered when one of your recipients replies BCC "Responds to all" in the email, the identity of this person is exposed to all hidden recipients. The existence of a hidden list is discovered even if the other BCC names are not revealed. Once one of the recipients responds with derogatory remarks about someone on the list of blind conformers, there are several things that could go wrong here. It is too easy to make this mistake. Once committed, it could cost a colleague a job or damage a relationship with an important client.

BCC lists should therefore be used with caution and publicize their existence with the names of undisclosed recipients. Other than that, in another way you can mention in the email that it was sent to other people without anyone using the "reply to all" option.

This article is to keep email addresses private when sending email to multiple recipients. We teach you for this purpose how you can send an email to undisclosed recipients and the precautions to take. Read carefully and follow the instructions.

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