Oitlook Auto Cc and Cci Electronic Adresses

Geek 2.0 - April 09, 2020

Oitlook Auto Cc and Cci Electronic Adresses - Intertuto

It is possible to automate Cc and Bcc in Outlook. here are some notions about Auto Cc and Bcc in Outlook and how to use Auto Cc and Bcc.

                For Outlook, in outgoing mail, Auto Cc and Cci facilitate the automatic copying of certain e-mail addresses. With filters, you can decide what type of message is Cc or Cci and to whom. There are several reasons why you may want to include CC or CCI contacts in specific emails that you send, such as sending your manager a copy of the emails that you send to specific customers, for example, or sending your partner copies of the correspondence. by email to your insurance company.

Note that the instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and Outlook for office 365.

How to automate CC and CCI in Outlook

Create a rule on all outgoing emails once you want to automate Cc or Cci people.

§ Open Outlook and go to the Home tab;

§ Select Rules> Manage rules and alerts. In Outlook 2016 and earlier versions, go to File and select Manage rules and alerts. These versions contain an option to add an automatic CCI to the rules while in the later options of Outlook the CCI option is not available;

§ In the Rules and alerts dialog box, select New rule;

§ In the Rules wizard, select Apply the rule to the messages I send, then select Next;

§ Check the box Sent to people or a public group;

§ Select the people or public group link and add the desired email addresses as part of this rule. To continue, select Next;

§ Check the box Cc the message to people or to the public group;

§ Select the link of people or public group and enter the email addresses to which you want to assign the email automatically;

§ Select Finish.

Learn more about Auto Cc and Cci in Outlook

 The following options are available when you add Cc and Cci rules in Outlook:

• Add e-mail addresses to the Cc and Cci fields automatically for outgoing messages;

• Add recipients to all emails or use the Auto Cc and Cci rules with Outlook to specify conditions;

• Search for subjects, other recipients, names of attachments or the account used;

• Select Auto Cc and Cci for Outlook recipients from your Outlook contacts.

Use Auto Cc and Cci in Outlook

Like copying messages to the right people automatically, Outlook Auto Cc and Cci rules also allow you to specify the e-mail addresses you want to add to the Cc field or to the Cci field of outgoing messages when certain criteria are met, such as an email from a particular account, or with certain recipients, subjects, or attachments.

This article lets you know nevertheless how in Outlook can you automate Cc and Cci, we give you some little notions on Auto Cc and Cci in Outlook of course, and the way you can use Auto Cc or Cci.

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