7 best free email services - Gmail alternatives

Geek 2.0 - March 11, 2019

7 best free email services - Gmail alternatives - Intertuto

Here are the best free e-mail services you can use to send e-mails if you want to do without Gmail the Google's mail service

Gmail is arguably the best email service in the world with around 100 million users worldwide. In addition to being an email service, Gmail allows you to automatically access services such as Drive, Docs, Hangouts, ... as well as syncing with your Android phone.
Despite its hegemony on the web, Gmail is still not the only free email service you can use; there are several others that are worth trying. Also, if you do not feel safe using Gmail, it would be wise to look for alternatives to Gmail that can offer a superior guarantee of privacy.
You've probably heard that Google scans every message sent and received via Gmail so that AdWords advertisers can better target their audience and show more relevant ads. If this is true, it immediately violates the privacy of the data from the user's point of view, so if you plan to leave Gmail or look for good alternatives, here are the 7 best alternatives to Gmail.


Best Gmail Alternatives in 2019 [Services similar to Gmail]

1. Outlook.com

Originally called Hotmail, the messaging service that has become Outlook.com is more than just a mail service. It offers "Microsoft Office and OneDrive" web applications, so if you're a fan of Microsoft, you'll be easily hooked on Outlook.com.

In addition, you can import your emails from Outlook Express, Windows Mail and even Windows Live Mail. You can also use Outlook.com to send and/or receive emails from your other email addresses (with Pop access).

Outlook.com is also well known for its good results in integrating social networks because you can import your contacts from Facebook to join them and chat easily. In addition, you will be updated with the status of your friends, publish new Facebook photos, status, videos; all without leaving Outlook.com.

In short, Outlook.com offers virtually unlimited storage space and will expand automatically when needed.

2. Yahoo Mail

Despite some difficulties, Yahoo! has improved the quality of its services and now offers you a huge storage space of 1 TB with each email account registered on Yahoo.com.

Yahoo has grown considerably after the introduction of Paperless Post, which allows you to send beautiful personalized emails to your contacts.

Yahoo is a complete service that provides you with basic features such as calendar synchronization, contacts, notepad and instant messaging.

Yahoo also allows you to customize the look of your email environment with its magical "multitasking" feature that lets you switch between "draft", "spam", "composition", "inbox" very easily.

With all these features, supporting 100MB email attachments is one more reason to try Yahoo.

The biggest weakness of Yahoo is that it displays an advertisement in the user's dashboard, which is quite acceptable compared to the quality of the service provided.

The deletion of a Yahoo account occurs if your account is inactive for more than six months.

3. Mail iCloud

Apple's ICloud is itself a masterpiece that connects all the services of all Apple devices. ICloud messaging is one of the many features of a messaging service that works with an Apple ID. Even with a limit of 20 MB for attachments, iCloud remains one of the most secure and attractive email services ever developed.
Although iCloud is an ad-free email service, it does not support POP3, which means that you can not access your other email accounts through iCloud Mail. In addition, it also lacks the ability to organize your emails in folders. Be that as it may, Apple's unique look and feel in iCloud e-mail has generated great interest from its users.

4. Mail.com

It's a free email service that lets you choose from over 200 domains. You can choose a domain related to your interests, your profession, your hobbies. Mail.com also contains pre-unlocked unlimited storage, antivirus, spam filters, calendar integration, mail collector, mobile access and the ability to send attachments up to 50 MB.
Switching completely to Mail.com is not a difficult task, as you will not miss any emails from your previous mailbox. It includes a unique option called mail collector that allows you to collect mail from all your external mail services (with Pop access) to your Mail.com account.

5. HushMail

It is a web-based email client that also runs on Android, iOS, Blackberry (using POP / IMAP or a browser). With Hushmail, you get 25GB of storage, built-in encryption, ad-free environment and more. You also have domain choice options such as @ hushmail.com, @ hust.com, @ hushmail.me, @mac ...
OpenPGP encryption on Hushmail makes the content of your email absolutely secure and private. In addition, all data transferred via Hushmail servers is protected by a TLS / SSL connection for better privacy.
Unfortunately, Hushmail has some disadvantages: you need a premium subscription to access email aliases. You must also log in to your account at least once a week to keep it active.

6. Mail AOL

AOL Mail is another deserving alternative to Gmail that dominated the courier industry at the time. The AOL team continued to add new features and updates to their email. It offers each of its users unlimited storage capacity and a maximum attachment limit of 25 MB.
With AOL, you can even add e-mail addresses from other providers to their network, giving you better access to all your emails. In addition, AOL offers different areas to choose from, such as @ love.com, @ wow.com, @ games.com, @ ygm.com, and more.
Additional features include integration with AIM (AOL Instant Messaging), folder categories, SMS to mobile phones, customizations, to-do lists, events, and more. AOL has recently undergone a facial renovation that makes it more attractive and professional than ever before.

7. Fast Mail

If you prefer simplicity and do not even want to compromise on features, Fast Mail should be the perfect choice for you. It is a Melbourne-based email client with minimal design but with premium security measures that make it one of the most reliable email clients.
With a totally elegant and ad-free interface, you have the option of pinning your important emails to the top. In addition, it has a customizable spam filter that intelligently filters spam from your inbox. Folder and label assignments help users easily manage their contacts and emails.
Fast Mail organizes all contacts and discussions in Windows. These emails are pinned to the top of your sign. It also comes with a calendar application that automatically synchronizes with your email and allows you to send automated invitations via email. Fast Mail offers many more features, including support for POP3 / IMAP / SMTP, aliases, DNS hosting and addresses

That's all for our list of best alternatives to Gmail and we hope at least one alternative will suit you.
However there are other free mail services similar to Gmail and if you know one; you can put it in comments!

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