How to choose the best browser for fast video streaming

Yves - August 12, 2019

How to choose the best browser for fast video streaming - Intertuto

Some factors outside the browser affect the performance of the browser, such as the amount of RAM on the computer.

Not all browsers are designed the same way, and it is a little difficult at first sight to declare definitively that a browser is the best. Many factors such as: support for high definition (HD), speed and battery life, etc. complicate the race to the top.

Some factors outside the browser affect browser performance, such as the amount of computer RAM, processor speed, and speed of the Internet connection.

Standard default

This problem often arises when using a large monitor to watch videos, which will need HD capabilities. However, to display HD, the Internet connection is essential: Netflix recommends a resolution of 5.0 megabits per second for HD quality. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac are browsers that support HD or 1080p resolution.

You cannot stream HD content successfully using Edge on Windows 10 and if the speed is less than 5.0 Mbps. Google Chrome is not qualified here, although it is the most popular browser. Chrome, Firefox and Opera all broadcast in 720p.


Google Chrome dominates the browser market, especially because of its minimalist design and its superior webpage loading speed. This browser has long been considered the king of speed browsers and has always focused on performance.

However, Microsoft Edge encounters or defeats Chrome in some performance tests, while Firefox and Opera are far behind.

Using the battery

Microsoft has designed a battery of Web browser tests, including one on battery usage. The tests were intended to promote his Edge browser, and several reliable outlets like PC World and Digital Trends cited them as Edge, followed by Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. The last place of Chrome was not disputed because it is recognized for its high consumption of CPU resources.

However, Chrome continues to address this issue in the updated versions, but the use of its resources contributes directly to the speed of its browser. It is therefore essential to change the use of Chrome's resources for the company.

So, which browser is the best?

As all browsers are continually updating new versions, it is difficult to indicate a particular browser as being the best. At any time, a new version could update all previous tests. In addition, since browsers are free, you can easily switch from one to the other for different purposes.

Tips for a better viewing experience

These tips are for better streaming any browser used.

- Monitor the Internet connection. If the ISP promises 5 Mbps and only receives 1 Mbps, a phone call must be made to resolve this problem. The speed of connection is absolutely essential to the success of streaming.

- Use of Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi if possible. If you use a large monitor to watch a video, you need to connect to the Internet through your Ethernet cable rather than over Wi-Fi.

- Use a frequency of 5 GHz if the router supports it. The common frequency of 2.4 GHz is used by home appliances, so it is more charged. Avoiding this is like entering the carpool lane on a highway - smooth sailing.

- Close other browser applications and tabs. This reduces the memory load so that the computer can focus on streaming.

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