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Yves - August 12, 2019

The best Bluetooth car kits - Intertuto

The Bluetooth car kits are the best way to insert hands-free calls to almost any make and model of car.

Bluetooth car kits are the best way to insert hands-free calls to almost any make and model of car. The price of these kits varies from very affordable to quite expensive, however, they still tend to be cheaper and easier to install than a new car stereo.

The Bluetooth car kit also makes it possible to dress up an old car stereo with the same features as the advanced car audio systems.

The main benefit of the type of Bluetooth phone integration in many factory and replacement auto stereo systems is that the combination of a phone with the main unit allows wireless hands-free calling. However, some headunits can play local music files on the main unit, listen to Internet radio, or even launch applications remotely on the phone.

Bluetooth audio streaming kits

The Bluetooth audio broadcast kits are designed to send local music and internet radio from the phone to the car stereo. Some of these kits play on one FM frequency and others use another auxiliary input. FM transmitters often have problems in areas where there are many powerful radio stations and where there are no real dead spots on the FM dial.

However, if the main unit does not have an auxiliary jack, you can use a Bluetooth streaming kit that plays on the FM band.

Bluetooth handsfree car kits

Bluetooth handsfree kits look like speakers, but they also include a greater degree of integration with the car stereo. Many Bluetooth car handsfree kits are designed to plug into the car stereo's auxiliary jack, so you do not use a separate speaker to handle calls. This often helps muffle the sound when a call arrives.

Combined Bluetooth kits

As the name suggests, Combined Bluetooth Kits, combines hands-free calling and streaming music playback. They are both able to stream music and make hands-free calls. These combination Bluetooth kits can hook into the car hi-fi system via an auxiliary input or an FM transmitter.

Although the additional hardware and cables of a combo kit are not integrated, these devices are the closest approximation to what can be achieved on a true Bluetooth head unit.

Built-in speakers

The Bluetooth speakers offer the same service as the headsets, but they are easier to use while driving. These speakers are usually mounted on the dashboard or sun visor. Bluetooth speakers can answer calls and continue conversations without touching the phone.

Some speakers have some sort of stereo car integration, but the main drawback of most of these devices is that they are not able to mute the stereo when a call comes in.

Alternatives to Bluetooth car kits

For those who do not have many gadgets and extra wires around their car, they can try to upgrade the main unit into a Bluetooth stereo. The only situation where this is not viable is that the main unit is likened to an infotainment system, but most of them already offer Bluetooth connectivity.

On the other hand, many OEM dashes and CPUs are designed to make it difficult to seamlessly install a new stereo. In these cases, you can purchase a car stereo dashboard kit that will convert the irregular-shaped OEM space into a bracket that easily accepts a single or dual Bluetooth headunit much more simply than attaching to a Bluetooth car kit.

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