The best offline games of bingo for 2019

Yves - August 12, 2019

The best offline games of bingo for 2019 - Intertuto

Here are the best free bingo games to play offline.No need an internet connection, money or other players to enjoy it.

The game of Bingo is based on chance. The goal is to completely complete a line, two lines or a carton. It consists of 90 numbered balls. In the lines that follow, we will offer you the best free bingo games to play offline in 2019.

You do not need an internet connection, money or other players to enjoy these games.

Rainbow Bingo Adventure

In Rainbow Bingo, the adventure theme, you progress through different lands, collecting chips and discovering hidden treasures along the way. Each move you make earns experience points that can be used to unlock new levels with unique music and graphics.


- Graphics and background music are very relaxing.

- One can play with one to four bingo cards.


- In-app purchases are a bit excessive.

AE Bingo

AE Bingo offers collectibles, achievements and bonuses to set the mood in the game. We will have to choose between two modes:

1. Classic: where the usual rules apply.

2. Speed ​​Bingo: where you can place virtual "bets".

We must not make a bad call to bingo, otherwise we risk being penalized.


- It can be downloaded for free on Android, iOS and Amazon tablets.

- Customize daubers and bingo cards.


- All features can be overwhelming for purists of old school bingo.

Cute Bingo

The animations and music in Cute Bingo put the player at ease and he can even adjust the speed of play in his own way. Best of all, there are no bad bingo calls.


- Game developers listen to player feedback and frequently update with new features.

- You can play online or offline with the possibility of six cards at a time.


- Although offline is fun, playing online is a little more exciting.

Absolute Bingo

This game is designed for beginners and veterans of bingo. Absolute Bingo was originally released for Windows, but there is also a mobile version of the game for iOS and Android.


- The beautiful works of art add an extra layer of charm to the classic game.


- Some of the bonuses make it too easy to win.

Classic Bingo

Classic Bingo is a simple app for people who just want to play bingo. There are no in-app purchases or power-ups; just the quick action you want to find in the local bingo hall. Compared to other games on this list, Classic Bingo is pretty boring to watch, but it's a bit of a goal.


- Simple and direct gameplay makes Classic Bingo accessible to players of all ages.

The disadvantages:

- Advertisements sometimes appear in the middle of rounds.

- The ability to play one card at a time.

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