The best apps to manage Android battery power consumption

Yves - August 12, 2019

The best apps to manage Android battery power consumption - Intertuto

Read this and take advantage of these apps to save battery power for Android in the long run.Some tips to increase the life of the battery.

As is known by many, the batteries of Android phones do not last, especially when using the internet connection, videos and other applications. However, there are applications to save battery power in the long run.

Here are some battery saver apps for third-party Android phones.


Greenify allows running to zap applications that accumulate the battery except for important applications such as wake up, email, messaging or others that send important notifications unless you do not want it.


- Available for Android and iOS.

- Manage application settings by application.

- Do not save personal information.

- Light on the phone's resources (CPU / RAM).

The disadvantages:

- Checks can be difficult at first.

- Does not support free system applications.

- Applications that require hibernation are not always clear.

Avast Battery Saver

Battery Saver has a task killer and five power consumption profiles that can be configured for work, home, emergency, night and smart modes. It also has an application viewer and notifications in the profile.

Battery Saver also allows you to enable or disable the battery saving application, an intelligent technology that calculates and indicates the life of the remaining battery.


- User-friendly interface.

- Accurate and easy to use.

- Works with phone settings to optimize based on needs and battery backup.

- The profiles are optimized for the battery and based on the time, location and battery life.

- The App Consumption tool detects overloaded applications and disables them permanently.

The disadvantages:

- Requires a ton of system permissions.

- The free version has ads.

- Some features are locked for the paid version.

Battery Doctor

This multilingual application supports more than 28 languages ​​and optimizes battery power to the touch of your finger. Battery Doctor allows you to quickly check the status and level of the battery while monitoring life-threatening applications and processes. However, you can switch between the application settings that generate on the battery, such as brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data and GPS, while monitoring the status of the battery depending on the type application.


- User-friendly interface.

- Toggle individual parameters.

- Multilingual support.

- Optimizes the life of the battery according to the type of application.

The disadvantages:

- The application is cumbersome compared to other battery saver applications.

- Requires a lot of system permissions.

- The animations can be very slow.

Battery Saver 2019

Battery Saver 2019 contains a main screen that displays the battery status, a power saving mode switch, as well as flip-flops for various parameters, battery statistics and run times. It also has a sleep mode and a custom mode, which disable the radios of the device and allow the configuration of the power usage profile settings, respectively.

However, it is possible to create planned energy saving modes for specific hours of the day or night, such as waking, working, sleeping and other important times of the schedule.


- It's free and accurate.

- Variety of energy saving modes.

- Easy control of applications consuming energy.

- Monitors and turns off battery-consuming devices.

The disadvantages:

- Contains full page ads.

- What we do is not always clear.

- Animations can be slow on some devices.

GSam battery monitor

GSam Battery Monitor provides more accurate information on battery usage, providing the tools needed to identify battery-depleting applications in the blink of an eye. The application also allows you to specify time intervals, display usage statistics, and search for time estimates for battery status based on current and past usage.

Its App Sucker tool indicates application-based battery usage, while updating CPU usage statistics and wake-ups.


- Provides tons of information.

- Graphics help to visualize the use of the battery.

The désavantages :

- The interface is not user friendly.

- The free version does not have an optimized mode.

- Do not control the controls, not the applications.



- Excellent interface.

- It is complete.

- Battery saving information and battery status in the app.

- Provides important usage statistics such as display time, processor status and battery status.

The disadvantages:

- Controls can be confusing to start

- The free version contains irritating ads.

- Some features are stuck behind the professional version.

This application offers free and paid PRO versions.

1. The free version: monitors the health of the battery while extending its life with the alarm of charge and the wear of the battery. The Accu-Check battery tool measures battery capacity in real time and displays both charging time and remaining time.

2. The PRO version: removes the ads you get with the free option, but also provides detailed statistics about real-time battery and processor usage, as well as more themes.

Its clever tools let you know when you have reached the optimal battery charge, which the app suggests at 80%, before unplugging it from the wall outlet or charging port.

Some tips to increase the life of the battery

1. Use the recommended brand battery

2. Reduce the brightness settings of the screen

3. Uninstall unnecessary applications or applications that are not used.

4. Disable Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi when not in use.

5. Disable vibration because it uses more battery than ringing

6. Use Wi-Fi connectivity because the cell phone drains battery life more quickly

7. Use fixed wallpapers as wallpapers.

8. Update apps because they consume less power compared to previous versions, and need to be done manually.

9. Do not play games unless you are near a charger.

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