The Best Web Conferencing Applications for iPad

Yves - August 12, 2019

The Best Web Conferencing Applications for iPad - Intertuto

It is difficult to evaluate every product available on the market. You can choose from the applications and services offered in this article.

To organize an online meeting, you do not have to have a scribbler or a computer. Even from an iPad it can be done from anywhere in the world.

However, the choice of the application depends on the needs of the user. With so many options on the market, it is difficult to evaluate every product available. However, one can not go wrong choosing among the applications and services offered in this article.

Cisco WebEx Application  

This application is known for its global teleconferencing cloud that synchronizes voice, video and data. This reduces costs and streamlines operations. A favorite of iPad users, WebEx is compatible with mobile devices, which is suitable for professionals who travel frequently or who are always on the move.

Cisco WebEx Meetings provides unified communications that enable the transmission of voice and video over data networks. It also provides a collaborative meeting room that allows groups to have a permanent personal space with a unique address.


- iPad application easy to use.

- Well-known business meeting tool.

- WebEx services connect to tools like Microsoft Outlook for easy planning.

The inconvenients:

- Subscription model.

- Not really optimized for the consumer market.

Skype app for iPad

The Skype app supports video, which is great for those who prefer face-to-face contact. The Skype app for iPad allows users to talk to each other for free, just like their desktop service. The app supports group video calls with up to 25 participants.


- Good mix of free and paid services.

- Omnipresent and cross-platform.

- Robust support and Microsoft product roadmap.

The disadvantages:

- Can sometimes be glitch.

- Sharing between Skype and Skype for Business consumers.

Fuze mobile application

Fuze supports PDFs, movies, images and many other types of files and transmits them to all web conference participants. It provides the ability to start or schedule a meeting, mute and manage the presenter's rights for all meeting participants. Video conferencing hosts can control all aspects of the meeting directly from their iPad. They can also zoom and pan the content of the meeting so they can easily highlight the parts of a presentation they are talking about.

Fuze Meeting is ideal for videoconferencing wherever you are, and Fuze creates the Fuze Mobile iOS app to simplify the process of using your service from a mobile device.


- Excellent attachment support.

- A solid mobile presence.

- Great meeting management tools that work well on the iPad.

The disadvantages:

- Bad notifications controls for iOS.

- Non-optimized user interface.

- Many reviews a star on the App Store.

iMeet App

IMeet's features include high-quality video conferencing and Dolby audio. From an iPad, you can schedule a meeting, participate in a meeting, schedule a meeting, send invitations, record the meeting and allow participants to share screens if needed. With iMeet, you can organize a meeting for up to 125 people. The meeting is free for participants, but the host is paid. The iMeet app does not require any training or additional equipment.


- Many participants.

- No need for additional applications, tools or equipment.

The disadvantages:

- Structure of fees for the hosts.

- No recent update of the application.

Join Me - Simple Meetings App

Join Me allows me to start meetings quickly, because no viewer download is needed. The Join Me - Simple Meetings app offers a free and unlimited conference call. You can arrange a meeting directly in the app, share whiteboards, make video calls, and present documents.

Other popular features include annotations, recording, and unified audio.


- Easy to use.

- Integrated collaboration tools.

The disadvantages:

- Original interface design.

- Number of participants very limited to 10 participants.

Hangouts App

Hangouts provides the ability to send messages to friends, participate in free video or voice calls, and conduct individual or group conversations. Google Hangouts allows people to visually call others in the Google+ service, regardless of location.

Users can chat for free with a group of up to 150 people or participate in a free video call with up to 10 people.


- Free calls for small groups.

- Integrated with communications suite and Google's account system.

The disadvantages:

- Google is famous for canceling communication applications with little warning.

- The service is optimized for Google Accounts.

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