Best free tools for tracking goals and keeping resolutions

Yves - August 12, 2019

Best free tools for tracking goals and keeping resolutions - Intertuto

The following sites and apps can help you easily to track your goals by providing motivational support.

The best way to remember and reach your goals, big or small, is to regularly review the resolutions. That's why the following sites and apps can help you easily track your goals and provide motivational support.


This tool is positioned for setting SMART goals. It is a service for monitoring objectives, managing tasks and managing time. GoalsOnTrack lets you add many details about goals, including categories, timelines and motivational photos that can be played in a slide show. It has an integrated calendar and diary for creating an action plan, as well as an offline planner for printing.

Although the site is a bit like a web infomercial, GoalsOnTrack is BBB accredited and offers a 60-day money back guarantee. The subscription costs $ 68 / year.

Joe's goals

Joe's goals are a free web tool that tracks his goals or habits. It offers a simple and enjoyable interface that allows you to create multiple objectives and check each day evolution. The ease of use and simplicity are the highlights of this tool. It allows the user to stay motivated.

Joe's goals keep track of short-term goals; the things we need or want to do every day or every week.

Do not break the chain

This tool is designed with Jerry Seinfeld's motivational technique. The secret of his productivity (Seinfeld) is to use a giant calendar and to point out every day that he completes his writing task. Do not break the chain has the simplest interface and can be integrated with iGoogle and Google Chrome.


This tool provides email reminders, progress charts, log tools, and helps you achieve SMART goals. Lifetick is easily accessible from smartphones, with a mobile web version for iPhone, Android and Palm users.

Lifetick has a free version, which allows you to try the service and supports 4 goals. Its paid version of $ 20 / year allows an unlimited number of goals, log tools and live statistics widgets.


stickK is a web tool that gives you the opportunity to commit money to reach the goal. If not, he will send the money to a friend, association or organization. stickK says that the chances of success when putting money on the line increase up to 3 times.


ToodleDo allows to define several objectives and to associate the tasks with these objectives. This integration is practical because it provides the opportunity to create an action plan or at least a set of tasks that will achieve the goals.

Web version and mobile apps are available.

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