The best apps for ingredient-based recipes for 2019

Yves - August 12, 2019

The best apps for ingredient-based recipes for 2019 - Intertuto

Here are the best apps for ingredient-based recipes, which will help you find the culinary inspiration you need to find what to prepare

Instead of just the takeaway, you can prepare your own favorite dish with different ingredients. This article offers you the best apps for ingredient-based recipes, which will help you find the culinary inspiration you need to find what to prepare for the family.

BigOven Recipes

BigOven is a free application that offers premium services through its Pro subscription. BigOven is a recipe search tool that does not limit users to their own collection of recipes. So, one can also use the app to retrieve recipes from favorite websites.

Features like ad removal, advanced search filters and unlimited revenue downloads are to be purchased with a monthly or yearly subscription.


- Many contributions to the recipe collection mean a lot of great food pics on which to drool.


- The application is a bit bulky.


Cookpad is a free application and can be used on Android and iOS. It offers a premium paid service that includes features such as better search results and the ability to access offline recipes.

Many Cookpad features are designed to make cooking a more social experience. Many users choose to publish their recipes, but Cookpad gives you the ability to keep your recipes private, while providing an online chat feature, which allows you to share recipes with friends and ask questions.


 - Simple and delicate interface.

 - Includes social skills for recipe variations and tips.


- Recipes generated by users sometimes include poor quality photos of finished recipes.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner can be downloaded and used for free on multiple platforms. This app is ideal for home cooks who are short on time and money. It gives the opportunity to see the ingredients that are on sale in nearby stores. However, you can search for recipes in the application based on the ingredients you already have.

The app offers a grocery feature that is helpful for last minute chefs who still need to get some ingredients on their way home from work. It offers additional features that can be purchased, such as Winner Winner Simple Dinners and Paleo Cooking Primer.


- Highlights the ingredients that are on sale in nearby stores, indicating the current price and its duration.

- You can shake the phone to find random dinner suggestions.


- It takes time to load the results of a recipe.


SideChef provides recipe suggestions based on ingredients you already have at home, but it also helps you find recipes based on the diet you want. The SideChef app also allows you to order groceries and have them delivered.


- Variety of proposed diet-specific recipes.

- Easy-to-use interface, with magazine-type food photos.


- The application is a little slow and not very reactive sometimes.


Tasty gives the opportunity to search recipes by ingredients, but also by social occasion. A variety of different factors can be searched for in his recipe collection, including diet, ingredients, recipe difficulty, speed, and even social plans. The Tasty app from Buzzfeed allows its users to create personalized mobile cookbooks.


- Export ingredient lists to emails, messages and other applications.

- The videos are synchronized with the steps of the recipe.


- Limited options for economic recipes.


Yummly contains recipes from his own kitchen test; but also, its users have access to recipes from popular food websites such as Food52, Epicurious and recipes from culinary bloggers. Yummly also allows people with allergies to filter recipes for allergens, taste preferences and diet.


- It filters the unloved ingredients.

- Video guides of recipes presenting culinary techniques.

The disadvantages:

- Not always intuitive.

- Some menus and features are hidden.

- Search filters can only be defined after the search has been executed.

Cocktail Flow

This app allows you to find the best drink recipes from the ingredients you already have at home. The application gives the opportunity to make a choice between liquors, spirits and mixers. It offers other useful features, such as ingredient profiles that provide basic information about each ingredient and the ability to search for recipes by force and drink color.


- Fun facts about ingredients and cocktails.

- The recipe recommendation My Bar offers interesting suggestions based on what we already have.


- The variety of products to choose from is incoherent.

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