The best apps for Apple Pencil in 2019

Yves - August 09, 2019

The best apps for Apple Pencil in 2019 - Intertuto

Here are some of the best apps for Apple Pencil that you can enjoy and use.If you want to create a font with your own writing, you should use

There are many applications that work with Apple Pencil, and you do not have to be an artist or an expert to use them. Here are some of the best apps for Apple Pencil that you can enjoy and use.

Capture and Organize Ideas in Cardflow: Index and Flash Cards

The Cardflow app gives cards on the iPad. To do this, you have to press twice, to add a new map, then write or draw what you want. If you want to write on the back, you have to press the icon of the toggle card or arrange the cards on a board the way you need.

Cardflow works well for brainstorming ideas, concept mapping, storyboarding and study notes. However, if you want to upgrade to Cardflow +, you have to pay $ 9.99. This will add color access, a shape identifier to turn an annoying oval into a perfect circle, and advanced map grouping options.


- Scribble on cards without risk of burrs or ink stains.


- Maps always appear in landscape orientation. Cannot rotate them.

Drawing letters with iFontMaker

If you want to create a font with your own writing, you should use iFontMaker at $ 7.99. In this case, we must draw the shape of each letter with an Apple pencil, then adjust each corner, line or curve. Then you have to repeat this procedure for each letter of the alphabet, each digit, and each punctuation symbol to create your own font.

Once done, you have to export the font to use on the iPad, computer or even on a website.


- It allows to draw each line of the letter as one wants.


- One must create hundreds of characters carefully if one wants to have a complete and well designed font.

AudioNote 2

This application allows you to take notes while recording audio. AudioNote 2, allows you to use the Apple pen to write or draw to document a meeting or conference. The audio recorder also allows you to play a recording later when you want. In AudioNote 2, notes and recording are linked. That is, you have to press a word or a drawing so that the application plays back the sounds recorded when you took the notes.

However, you have the choice between the free versions with ads or pay $ 9.99 / year for an AudioNote 2 Pro subscription, without ads. However, this paid version improves the quality of audio recording and allows you to add timestamps to notes.


- Audio recording to accompany handwritten notes.


- The application sometimes quits unexpectedly.

Play Blek, a gesture puzzle game

You have to draw a line that touches all the targets on the screen. You can not create a long line through things; instead, we draw a line that moves and repeats the pattern we create.

However, the line should avoid black circles and can not come off the top or bottom of the screen. Although fingers and intelligence are used to play, Blek also works exceptionally well with the Apple pencil.


- An abstract puzzle game, engaging, movement / style.


- Stick to levels that later seem quite simple.

Felt: Create greeting and birthday cards from the iPad

All cards are 4 inches wide by 4.5 inches high. If you want, we can add additional pages on which we can write and / or add photos. We must make a choice among the greeting cards, then customize the card with a handwritten message or a drawing.

Cards start at $ 3, with upgrades available to add more pages or gifts, such as flowers, framed prints or backgrounds. However, one can subscribe to send 3 cards each month for $ 5.


- No need to lick an envelope or stamp to send a personalized card.


- Only the available sizes are the 4 inch by 4.5 inch rectangles.

Draw in any iWork application

In March 2018, Apple added Apple pencil support to these applications, giving you the ability to grab the Apple pen and add drawings to each of these applications. In Pages, you can also enter annotations, which means that you can write comments or add a note next to the text.

However, handwritten notes remain with the text when editing the document.


- Draw in the Pages, Numbers or Keynote applications without switching to another application.


- Since August 2018, smart annotations linking a drawn note to text are only available in Pages.

Create an illustration with an affinity designer

Affinity Designer for $ 19.99 is an application that includes vector and raster tools. With both sets of tools, you have access to all the professional editing tools you can expect. These raster tools include pens, pencils, chalks, markers, inks, oils, acrylics, and more. Vector tools, however, allow you to create images with lines, shapes, and colors that can be resized to any size.

You must press the question mark in the lower right corner of Affinity Designer to identify the icons.


- A single purchase for a powerful illustration app for iPad; no subscription required.


- It will take some time to learn to use all the tools provided with Affinity Designer.

Sketch with Inko - Group Edition

The Inko app allows multiple people to meet at the same time. With 12 colors and 3 different line types, Inko makes it easy to create images that look like squiggles on a whiteboard in a conference room. With Wi-Fi, 12 people can draw collaboratively; without Wi-Fi, 8 people can work together.

However, if you want to collaborate with other people, you have to make a one-time payment of $ 19.99, to have unlimited access to the draw with these people who have also paid. There is also a hero plan subscription ($ 14.99 / month; $ 99.99 / year) to organize a forum and draw with people who did not buy or subscribe.


- A collaborative whiteboard to draw anywhere.


- The price seems a little restrictive for personal use.

Advancing drawings in Animatic by Inkboard

Animatic allows you to draw the animation style that can be found in flipbooks. These books with an illustration that changes just a little on each page, so that when you quickly return the pages, the images seem to move.

To do this, we must draw the first image, then the application displays a ghost image so that we can decide the difference we want to draw between the images. However, there is a Pro subscription of $ 9.99 / year, which gives more control over how long each image is displayed and a better quality export.


- With some quick sketches, you can create a short animation.


- A limited number of colors available to use.

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