How to use the Apple Watch to monitor sleep in 2019

Yves - August 09, 2019

How to use the Apple Watch to monitor sleep in 2019 - Intertuto

We've put together the best apps available, which are simple and complex, to make sure that sleep is better than ever.

Even though sleep monitoring is not understood in Apple Watch, it can still be used to keep an eye on sleep patterns. And for sleep monitoring, we've put together the best apps available, which are simple and complex, to make sure sleep is better than ever.

AutoSleep Tracker for Watch

AutoSleep is currently ranked # 1 in health and fitness apps on the App Store. This application offers two options:

- If we wear the watch while sleeping, we will have nothing to do to follow.

-If you need to remove the watch before sleeping, make sure you put it on the charger and put it back on your wrist when you wake up.


- The sleep rings, similar to the activity rings of the Apple watch, make it possible to visually follow the sleep objectives.

- AutoSleep analyzes the quality of sleep, detailing sleep time, restlessness, sleep time and heart rate to assess sleep quality. In this case, the watch must be worn in bed.

The disadvantages:

- No free version, but at $ 2.99, the full version is one of the most affordable options and offers reliable statistics.

- WatchOS 4.2 is recommended, but will run WatchOS 3.2 or higher.


Pillow is a favorite among sleep monitoring tools on iOS thanks to its user interface that is both easy to use and aesthetic. It offers users many options for tracking and analyzing their sleep. Pillow has an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 30,000 reviews.


-Offers automatic or manual sleep tracking options; the manual option means that one can follow sleep without having owned an Apple Watch.

- Includes a detailed sleep report, heart rate analysis and audio recordings for those who think they are not snoring.


- Integration with the Apple Health app requires the premium version.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker allows automatic sleep tracking for night sleep and daytime naps! The compilation report shows the evolution of sleep patterns. FitBit users can recognize the appearance of Sleep Tracker; it closely mimics the sleep tracking function on FitBit.


- This application allows adjusting the sensitivity of motion detection.

- Trend charts are easy to read and provide daily summaries.


- It takes time to adjust the sensitivity to accurately track the sleep / waking hours, especially for naps.


SleepWatch is another excellent automatic option that takes statistics and adds artificial intelligence to make recommendations for improving sleep. However, the premium app option also includes access to an online community to compare statistics and obtain third-party recommendations.


- Custom ideas use the user's lifestyle to recommend better habits that work for them.

- Automatic synchronization with the Apple Health app with the free version.


- The premium version available at $ 2.99 seems not worth it, unless you're looking for an online community to support sleep patterns.

Sleep ++

Simplicity is popular, with the app displaying a start button, a stop button, and a small blue graphic to display sleep patterns. Like AutoSleep, it can synchronize data with Apple Health and automatically save sleep when activated on the iPhone application.


- The application is simple and clear, providing basic reports and visuals easy to understand.

- As a simple application, it is also one of the smallest: 6.9 MB. It does not take much space on the device.


- To remove the few ads that can be found in the application, you need an amount of € 1.99.

Heart watch

HeartWatch tracks sleep and associates heart rate data with sleep patterns. This makes it possible to compare the sleep / waking heart rate; heart rate during sleep is a good indicator of general health. HeartWatch is an application that tracks heart rate data and warns of any unusual activity.


- Solid precision in the follow-up of the sleep.

- It easily displays Heart badges on Apple Watch.

- Timogoch gives motivations to reach goals with feedback and fun answers.

The disadvantages:

- The interface of the application is congested.

- A larger application, almost 20 MB, takes up space on the device.

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