The best complications for Apple Watch in 2019

Yves - August 09, 2019

The best complications for Apple Watch in 2019 - Intertuto

Not all complications are helpful. Here are the best, most interesting and most creative complications available for Apple Watch.

The complications of the Apple Watch are small pieces of information from applications that appear on the dial. In addition to the time, you can view your next appointment, the weather, the sunrise and sunset time or the time of any time zone.

However, not all complications are helpful. That's why, in this article, you'll find some of the best, most interesting, and most creative complications available for Apple Watch.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is not just a weather app, and it does not just create temperature problems. Beyond all this, Carrot Weather offers many more options to see all you want on the weather, including humidity, precipitation, wind speed, etc.


- A lot of choice and variety.

- Detailed details in complications.

The disadvantages:

- Difficult to customize the complications in the Carrot phone app.

MLB At Bat

The MLB complication at At Bat is designed to be a complication of choice for following the favorite baseball team. It has been updated for Series 4 faces, providing scores and quick access to other game information.

Mileage may vary depending on actual usage, but in practice, it is usually slow or unresponsive. It's a bit disappointing because, if it works as expected, it's an excellent choice and exactly what users want.


- Full locker on the watches of the series 4.


- Sometimes, do not react.

Bear Notes

Bear Notes can be a simple complication, but considering one of the best applications for iOS (and Mac) notes, it's an invaluable complication. Bear Notes is linked to its monitoring application that allows you to quickly record a voice note or display existing notes.

The complications of Bear work on all sides of the watch, although there is no option yet for the biggest spots on the watches of the series 4.


- simple and fun.


- Large spaces of complication must display a list of notes.


The complication works on different points of the size of the watch and is nice, whatever the size used. Commuters and weekend travelers alike can look forward to Citymapper's helpful complications. The application itself is there to move the user from point A to point B, but the complication of the watch will provide quick and glanceable information without having to remove the phone.


- Simple and useful information displayed on complications.


- Can be expanded to show even more on different sizes of complications.


Spotify has developed an Apple Watch application and complication, and is now officially available. This application supports all the sizes of complications on different Apple Watch models.

However, the first version of Spotify's Apple Watch offering is more of a complication than an app. It does not provide any offline reading; just information and features gleanable remote, which is always very useful.


- Finally, the complications of Apple Watch from Spotify.


- Sometimes buggy and slow.

Better day

Better Day provides a lot of ways to see the day, the date, the month and the year. It also adds a fun touch, such as the ability to see the year as a progress bar heading towards the end.

Not only does it offer a complication for all faces and all sizes, but it also gives the ability to customize so that they display exactly what you want, and in the desired color.


- Dated complications on steroids.


- Almost too many customization options.


Fitiv complications display high and low heart rates, even in a small complication, which saves space on the screen. This is a great option for those who want or need to track their heart rate with even more detail than that provided by Apple.


- Large complication of small size.


- Cannot display heart rate information in real time.


PCalc is a top Apple Watch application. What's even better is the smart complications available for it. After you have finished calculating a problem, the answer automatically appears in the complication after closing the application and moving to something else. Very handy for the fast and forgetful guy.


- Very useful for remembering big numbers.


- Waste of space for a major complication.


Things is without a doubt one of the best professional apps and has been quickly updated for Apple Watch Series 4 so that its beautiful complications can be used on any watch face.


-App updates and complications are very fast.


- Display the number of remaining tasks as a progress bar

Dark sky

Carrot Weather uses data from Dark Sky, because its real-time rainfall complication can tell if and when it's going to rain. It offers options for almost any size of complications and can simplify information if all you want is to know whether it will rain or not.


- Visualizations in complications are useful.


- Can use more customization options.

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