Use and benefit from Android tethering apps services

Yves - August 09, 2019

Use and benefit from Android tethering apps services - Intertuto

You can share the Internet connection of a mobile device, with other devices like laptops through Tethering.

Tethering is a technique that allows you to share the Internet connection of a mobile device with other devices such as laptops. We must use the phone as a modem, and this process is possible natively since version 2.2 of Android. However, modem applications are useful if you do not want to pay an operator's modem plan, or if the phone does not support the modem.

Many modem applications are not officially supported by operators and device manufacturers. For some devices, for these applications to work, hacking procedures or root access may need to be performed. However, to proceed in this manner, one must ensure that the mobile phone contract does not expressly forbid the connection or use of the phone as a modem.

However, there are prepaid and daily usage options as well as monthly data subscriptions similar to the modem data plans offered by mobile operators.

PdaNet +

PdaNet + allows to use the data connection of the Android phone on the PC, tablet, phone via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. PdaNet + is also considered the fastest tethering option for Android without asking for phone routing.


- Offers a much easier configuration.

- Works with Windows and Mac computers.

- Offers several connection options.

The disadvantages:

- No updates since 2018.

- Connection breaks in the free version.

- No wireless mode for Mac.

Barnacle Wifi Hook

Barnacle Wifi Tether is an open source application that works with Windows 7, Vista and XP, as well as with Mac, Linux, iOS and Xbox mobile devices. It requires the rooting of the phone by creating an ad-hoc network for other devices to connect.

It is a good idea to use the paid version which costs less (in the form of donation) for more features.


- Works with Xbox and PCs.

- No PC software required.

The disadvantages:

- Requires root access.

- It is difficult to configure.

- May not work with modern Android versions.

EasyTether Lite

EasyTether looks a lot like the PdaNet + app. EasyTether works with Windows, Mac and Linux and can also connect the game system. The lite version works very well, however it does not give access to secure sites that have "https" at the beginning of the URL. So for the lite version to work very well, we have to pay for EasyTether Pro.


- Not useful root access.

- Step by step procedure for easy configuration.

- It supports several types of connection.


- The free version blocks https URLs.

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