How to illuminate your environment with Alexa Hue commands

Yves - August 08, 2019

How to illuminate your environment with Alexa Hue commands - Intertuto

Alexa Hue controls work beyond the standard Echo and work with the Echo Dot, Echo Show and other compatible devices.

Alexa is a smart personal assistant developed by's Lab126, made popular by Echo. He is able to voice interaction, play music, do task lists, set alarms, play podcasts and audiobooks, and provide weather, traffic and other information in real time. Alexa can also control multiple smart devices by acting as a home automation hub.

These Alexa Hue controls work beyond the standard Echo and work with the Echo Dot, Echo Show and other Alexa-compatible devices, such as Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Some of these controls work with the first-generation Hue and non-color bulbs, but the newer hardware will work absolutely better.

Turn on and off lights throughout the house

Often during the night, too tired, we go directly to the bed and we have more courage to go and check what still lit rooms are. Alexa can easily be asked to turn on or turn off all lights in all rooms of the house.

Dim Any Hue Light Without a slider control

Even if you do not have bulbs that change color, you can always dim or light the lights as needed. We tend to think that lights are binary, whether they are on or off. It's easy to forget that all Hue lamps are dimmable.

Control the visual temperature

At the height of the brightness adjustment, Alexa also allows us to adjust the temperature. During the day, it is ideal for a more energetic temperature, while at night, you can activate an amber atmosphere.

Make lights a very specific color

In order for Alexa to change the Hue color bulbs, we need to have a second generation of Hue bright. This will not work with first generation decks. Philips has some suggestions that may seem strange at first, but the company is an expert in color.

Flash room lights up in red with an alarm in the morning

Activate this IFTTT applet to flash red. The hue lights up in the bedroom when the Echo alarm goes off. In addition to the sound of the alarm, we will also have the visual that goes with it.

Flashing lights when an echo timer is triggered

The blinking is not activated by the voice, but always uses the Echo and Hue bulbs. When this applet is activated, we can now ask Alexa to set a timer. After this job is done, the Hue lights will begin to flash.

Start a party instantly with this light show

To get the most out of Echo and Hue color bulbs, however, you must register or log in to IFTTT. The first applet you can try is a color show. It's a fun way to show guests the range and benefits of connected light bulbs.

Close the night with sexy weather

The word "sexy time" simply means: turn the lights to 75 percent brightness and bright pink. This applet on IFTTT can be the trigger of the smart home that we wanted.

How to ask Alexa to activate some of these colors?

- To get a nice champagne color at home, we can say "Alexa, turn on the lights of Peru"

- To get a dark and hot red scene, we can say "Alexa, turn on the Firebrick lights"

- To switch to a warm and light red color, we can say "Alexa, turn on the LightSalmon lights"

- To get a simple dark green color, we can say "Alexa, turn on Dark Khaki lights"

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