The best sources for downloading CD covers and illustrations in 2019

Yves - August 08, 2019

The best sources for downloading CD covers and illustrations in 2019 - Intertuto

Album covers for some types of audio collections are almost impossible to find using ordinary methods.

Album art for some types of audio collections is almost impossible to find using ordinary methods that allow you to automatically add metadata tags; MP3 tagging software and music management programs, for example, with integrated ID3 tools.

For example, there may be a collection of digital music that is mainly composed of a large number of old analogue recordings that one possesses (digitized vinyl records and cassettes, for example). We will need to look further to fill the music collection with the appropriate CD covers.


Discogs is a website and a collaborative database of musical recordings, consisting of commercial or advertising productions, bootlegs and other non-official productions. This rich audio catalog resource can be particularly useful for non-consumer recordings for which media players (iTunes or Windows Media Player) might not be able to find the appropriate mock-up.

If, then, we have commercial versions that we cannot find, bootlegs, white label material, we can get the appropriate album art using Discogs.


- Big choice.

- Rare music selections.

- Sort by genre, style and format.

- Registration is done quickly via Facebook or Google.

The disadvantages:

- Album pages somewhat cluttered.

 - Registration required.

For digital music, you can refine the search with a convenient filtering option that only displays certain audio formats such as AAC, MP3, etc.


MusicBrainz is a music database, collaborative, universal, freely distributable. Originally conceived as an alternative to CDDB (Compact Disc Database), it has now become an online music encyclopedia containing much more information about artists and albums than simple CD metadata. It refers to recordings of works, not works in themselves.

MusicBrainz has a legal existence through MetaBrainz.


- Useful documentation.

- Wide range of search options.

- Can download the entire database for free.

The disadvantages:

- Site confusing to navigate.

- Obsolete website design.

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