Know the benefits of Teleconferencing

Yves - August 08, 2019

Know the benefits of Teleconferencing - Intertuto

Teleconferencing is a technology that allows meetings to be held with multiple correspondents in different locations while seeing them.

Videoconferencing is the combination of two techniques. Video telephony, allowing you to see and interact with your interlocutor. And so it's a technology that allows meetings with multiple correspondents in different locations while seeing them and talking to them in real time.

Today, one can easily participate or organize videoconferencing sessions on the computer, on the smartphone and other mobile devices with basic hardware and appropriate Internet connectivity. Some time ago, videoconferencing or teleconferencing was a luxury that required complex equipment, but today it is worn in our pockets.

With the advent and development of voice over IP, which uses the underlying IP infrastructure of the Internet to enable free communication; videoconferencing has become more common and more accessible. Packets of video, voice, and other types of data are routed over the Internet, freeing up voice and video communications.

However, teleconferencing requires a lot more bandwidth than a video call. For example, for a session with a decent quality video, you can estimate that at 1 Mbps for each participant. Each participant must also have the same connectivity provisions, if not; he may miss some parts of the session.

No need to travel

With videoconferencing, you can organize and hold meetings with participants from remote areas around the world. However, participants must have the necessary equipment and be present in front of the screen at the agreed time. Before that, they can use email or instant messaging for the pre-organization of the meeting.

Link mobile workers

The video-conferencing visual nature even allows for verification of activities and information on employee positioning. If the staff is dispersed throughout the city, this existing mobile infrastructure can be used to organize teleconferences with employees.

For teleworking

Videoconferencing is also an essential tool for remote work or telecommuting. For a business with a fairly open schedule where workers or colleagues work from home, videoconferencing is the way to limit the lack of interaction within the workforce and the lack of instructions or bottom-up reporting.

Learn and teach online

Videoconferencing is a great way to acquire and share knowledge beyond obstacles. There are good courses and excellent teachers who teach everywhere, but most of them are probably far away. Although it's not like being physically present, the interaction is accurate. The teacher can use multimedia facilities such as interactive whiteboards online, but also online collaboration tools.

Humanize the conversation

A video is a moving image that is worth over a million words. When one is seen and seeing others, one can work the charms of body language, which is so important in business and other activities involving human interaction. In addition, whether for business or in a personal relationship, seeing someone talking to him completely changes the state of a conversation.

Organize meetings regardless of time

Through teleconference, participants will no longer have any excuses for location and travel; they must only break free. One can easily engage anyone with a tight schedule. This technology makes it possible to meet people from all over the world every day, even several times a day. This allows the company to progress at the speed of the world, that is to say the company can evolve without being able to move and it is very fast.

Show things

Thanks to videoconferencing, you can show your latest product, introduce a new recruit or even write on a board and show it to everyone. It allows you to show things that cannot be carried in the suitcase when you go to a meeting.

Note: Skype is the most established free video conferencing tool. As things stand, however, this may not be the best. Alternative tools include TeamViewer, Google Hangouts, etc.

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