Why is it good to use a TV antenna?

Yves - June 19, 2019

Why is it good to use a TV antenna? - Intertuto

Here are the benefits of using a TV antenna, especially since you do not have to get rid of existing cable services.

Today many people are mistaken in thinking that the time of television antennas is exceeded yet antennas are still on the market and continue to offer many benefits to its users; benefits that cable and satellite TV users can not obtain.

In this article, we discuss  the benefits of using a TV antenna alongside cable and satellite services.

The benefits of using a TV antenna

For users with a number of broadcast stations in their city, antennas can save money and correct signal quality. However, installing an antenna does not require getting rid of the cable or satellite service.

The TV antenna saves money      

For those who use cable or satellite service and who pay a monthly local service charge to receive local channels, they can save on these charges each month by canceling local service and using an antenna. Local radio stations are free.

Television Announces Peace of Mind

Keeping a signal is of crucial importance and having an antenna is a way to go. Satellite subscribers know that their satellite signal can be lost at any time. This is of concern in areas experiencing tornado warnings or winter conditions.

A TV antenna allows you to display uncompressed high definition signals

Broadcast networks provide an uncompressed signal while cable and satellite service providers compress theirs. However, antenna users claim to be able to distinguish a difference in quality when receiving uncompressed high definition signals.

TV antenna allows you to receive non-market channels

To benefit from these benefits, the subscriber must live near two or more television markets. In this case, the subscriber will have access to the free stations of the two markets. In addition, it means having access to additional subchannels and different news and sports programs.

An atenne TV allows you to receive channels that cable and satellite providers do not offer

There is no comparison between pay television and free television in terms of the number of channels available. Pay TV wins in a landslide, which cable and satellite providers do not tell their customers. Many broadcast stations give at least one sub-channel, which will never be offered with cable or satellite service.

To get a sub channel, you will need an antenna. Sub-channels may also vary by location, but may also include an all-weather radio station, the retro television network, and several public television channels.

 Do not find it useful to use an antenna for your television?

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