How to transform the way you work with online collaboration tools

Yves - August 08, 2019

How to transform the way you work with online collaboration tools - Intertuto

These tools provide project tracking capabilities that allow team members to easily see the progress of a project.

Adopting online collaboration tools can help to make teamwork work, and manage the business well, even though team members could be anywhere in the world. It is therefore important for companies to adopt modern work methods and technologies that help colleagues, wherever they are, to share their work in a simple and effective way. This is where a good online collaboration tool comes in.

It's easy to follow projects

Online collaboration tools eliminate the need to use email as the primary means of communicating with team members. These tools offer a variety of project tracking features that make it easy for team members to see the evolution of a project from day one.

The need to search in an inbox for a lost document, for example, is completely removed. From tracking the latest changes to a document to the previous state of the document, to tagging a colleague to reviewing the document, managing a project has never been easier.

Easy reporting

Sometimes it's easy to lose track of some of the activities you've done for a particular project, especially when working with a large team. By using a good online collaboration tool, it is easy to quickly generate detailed reports that include all the activities associated with a given project, giving team members more time to work on activities that generate results.

Team members can be anywhere

Team members can work remotely from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. This means that a team can be completely dispersed while working in an organized manner. So, even if employees are not in the office on a business trip, they do not need to be disconnected from the project and can contribute as if they were on their desk.

Documents are all stored in one place

Employees do not need to back up their documents to a USB stick or other storage media if they plan to work remotely. Any update of a document is immediately displayed. It is not necessary to send different versions of a document by email, team members know at any time where to find the latest version of a document.

Actions are done quickly

With a good online collaboration tool, it is no longer essential to organize a meeting or phone call for document review. The documents can be downloaded into the tool and reviewers can be automatically informed by e-mail that the documents have been uploaded. The reviewers can then document and make the necessary changes and inform all team members that the document has been reviewed and is ready.

It is therefore easier to maintain a regular and organized workflow on a project, with the team members participating quickly when needed.

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