What you need to know before choosing a domain name for your blog

Yves - June 18, 2019

What you need to know before choosing a domain name for your blog - Intertuto

In this article, we are talking about one of the first things a new blogger must do: choose a domain name.

A domain name (NDD in French abbreviated notation or DN for Domain Name in English) is, in the DNS domain name system, an Internet domain identifier. A domain is a set of computers connected to the Internet and having a common feature. That's why one of the first things a new blogger needs to do is choose a domain name.

However, this can be difficult when many of the best domain names are already taken by other bloggers. In this article, we will give some tips for choosing a domain name adapted to the blog.

Creative or obvious blog domain name

It is beneficial to have a domain name that is directly related to the blog topic, as it can help people find the blog through keyword searches. It can also be easier for people to remember a blog domain name that is quite intuitive. Therefore, it is advisable, when choosing a domain name for the blog, one must first decide if the domain name will be obvious for Internet users.

In addition, a creative blog name can become an icon of the brand if only the blog succeeds. It will separate his blog from those of competitors by far as being unique.

Create your own word

If we want to be unique, we can create the domain name of his blog. Some ideas to create your own word:

- Create a word (Winzoo.com)

- We must use a word or a combination of words with no relation to the blog (BoomBoom.com)

- We must add prefixes, suffixes or other letters to a real word (Friendster.com or Engadget.com)

- Add an article as one or the (TheSuperficial.com)

Check the availability of obvious domain names

To choose an obvious domain name, one must do a search for what is available on a blog host's website. Often, hosting sites are used to enter the domain name you want (including the extension - .com, .net, .us, etc.). However, there are many sites providing a list of similar domain names from which one can make a choice.

For example, if the name you are looking for is listed, a list of alternatives that may contain a different extension will be displayed, an additional word or letter added, and so on.

Create a list of keywords to use

It's prudent (when you want to find an available domain name that suits your blog), to take the time to search for popular keywords related to the blog topic on a website like Wordtracker.

This will definitely help new readers find this blog through their own research.

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