Things to remember before buying an Android tablet

Yves - August 08, 2019

Things to remember before buying an Android tablet - Intertuto

The Android version is mainly open source, and anyone can download it and design a device around it. There are so many devices running Android

Before buying a new tablet, we must know what tablet we want, we must make a choice. Today you can find Apple tablets, cheap tablets and Android tablets. However, in this article, we will talk about what to know if you want to buy an Android tablet.

All tablets do not have the latest Android

There are so many devices running Android or variants of these, but also many phone manufacturers, excluding Apple, make Android devices because the Android version is mainly open source, and everyone can download it and design a device around it.

Having a variety of Android phone manufacturers means that there is no standardization in the Android world. It is likely to find tablets that work under an Android version of one or two versions. This is not a problem, but we may end up with a new tablet but that is not supported.

Some tablets require a data plan

It's a good idea to check the small print when checking the price, as some Android tablets can be sold with Wi-Fi only or with 3G or 4G wireless data access. These tablets are often sold at a reduced price, in exchange for a contract with a cellular service provider. This is why we must be sure before committing to pay two years in addition to the price of the device.

Tablets can use more bandwidth than phones, in which case you'll need a plan that grows if you need more data. We must therefore check how much data is purchased.

Not all tablets are connected to Google Play

Amazon's popular Fire devices, including Fire tablets, are based on Android but do not have access to the Google Play Store. Instead, these devices are configured to use the Amazon Application Marketplace. However, you can change these devices to access the Play Store, but it requires technical knowledge. So before the purchase, we must make sure that the tablet we want to take has access to the applications we are looking for.

Watch out for the modified Android

Just as device manufacturers are free to change the Android user interface on phones, they can also do it on tablets. Although manufacturers say this distinguishes their product, but there are always disadvantages. On devices with a modified user interface, such as the HTC Sense or Samsung One user interface, it may be necessary to rewrite applications to work properly.

When someone shows us how to do something on Android, it does not always work the same way for the modified version. You can also wait longer for operating system updates because the update must be rewritten for the user interface.

This is not a common problem, but we must be aware of it.

Is there a new model coming soon?

Before buying a new Android tablet, one must learn about the release of the new version. So, if we need the new features offered by the next model, we can wait for the new model. It may be available at about the same price. If we are satisfied with the current model, we can expect the price to drop after the new version.

Equipment, accessories and features

There are other concerns that must be answered before buying a tablet, such as if you need a tablet case, the camera condition, if you want it to integrate with your tablet. other devices that we have.

Samsung has created a powerful ecosystem around its products, with exclusive applications, integration with smart devices and wearable technology. A smaller device maker will probably not have as much support around them.

Looking for a tablet compatible with other devices you own has advantages. For example if you want to control the smart TV from the tablet, but the Samsung tablet that we have may not integrate with the LG TV.

We must also think about features and capabilities. As a lot of people use Android, it takes great features to get people's attention. That's why there are usually a few things that a device will do really well.

Rooting is also important if you want to control the device or if you want to customize it for a specific purpose. If rooting is really important, you have to check if you unlatch the boot loader from the tablet and root it.

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