What you need to know before selling your iPhone

Yves - August 08, 2019

What you need to know before selling your iPhone - Intertuto

In order to sell your iPhone, there are safeguards to keep your personal information confidential and take extra money.

The iPhone is a model of phone whose old models generally keep a great value. That is, one can easily sell one's old phone for a decent amount and move on to a new model. However, there are protective measures that must be taken to keep your personal information confidential and to pocket additional money.

Here are the steps to follow to get there:

Save phone

We store all important personal information on our phones, from e-mails to phone numbers, photos, etc. In order to sell your iPhone, the first and most important step is to back up your data. Deleting data can cause a huge loss. That's why we need to have a backup copy so we can put it in the new phone.

In this case, one can choose either backup on iTunes or backup on iCloud.

How to confirm the backup performed?

Before proceeding to the next step, one must make sure that the key information, the address book, the music, the photos, etc., are in the computer or in iCloud. Careful planning often prevents mistakes from being made. It would be terrible to remove all data from the iPhone only to discover that it was not properly saved.

Disable Find My iPhone

If iCloud or Localiser mon iPhone had already been activated, it is likely that the activation lock was activated on the phone. This is an anti-theft feature that requires the original Apple ID used to activate the phone to activate for a new user. That is, if you can sell your iPhone without disabling this feature, the buyer will never use the phone. That's why we must solve this problem by disabling the Locate my iPhone option before continuing.

This is required when selling to used iPhone resellers.

Unlock the phone

A used iPhone is worth more if it is unlocked from its original mobile network. When iPhones are enabled, they are "locked" on a network. After a while, iPhones can be unlocked, allowing them to work with any cell phone network.

So selling an unlocked iPhone means that the buyer has more flexibility and can be sold to anyone, not just customers with whom they share the same cellular network.

This is especially useful if you sell to an iPhone recovery company.

Restore factory settings

After saving data to iTunes or iCloud, the factory settings must now be restored. This process removes all data and settings and returns the phone to the state it was in when it was first shipped from the factory where it was assembled.

Check iCloud

When the factory reset process is complete, the iPhone will restart and show the first setup screen. At this point, we do not do anything else with the old iPhone. At this point, the old iPhone only has iOS and embedded applications and is ready to be configured by its new owner.

The best way to confirm that this is the case is iCloud and Find My iPhone. We need to connect to Find My iPhone at http://www.icloud.com/find. Once connected, we check if Locate my iPhone displays the old phone. If that's not the case, then everything is fine.

However, if the old phone still appears in Locate my iPhone, we use the site to erase the iPhone. When this is done, we select the iPhone and delete it from the account. If not, it will still be locked on this Find My iPhone account and the new owner will not be able to use it.

Make sure the service is running on a new phone

The last step is to check the functionality of the new iPhone. The phone service should have been transferred from the old phone to the new one when purchasing and activating the new phone. If not, someone can be called to make sure the call is directed to the new phone. If this is not the case, we must contact the telephone company to make sure that everything is correct regarding the service before selling the old phone.

This information applies to any iPhone.

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