Tips on how to increase the security of your iPad.

Yves - June 18, 2019

Tips on how to increase the security of your iPad. - Intertuto

In this article, we will offer some tips to strengthen the security of your iPad to prevent the collection of information by an unknown.

Often, we use our iPad as much or more than our laptops, however, we neglect to secure it. Sometimes we even leave it open without a simple password.

For example, if one forgets his iPad in a car or an airport, how can one be sure that even if someone else finds it, he can never be able to harvest the information that was stored in? Some simple steps must be taken to increase the security of the iPad.

In this article, we will offer some tips to strengthen the security of your iPad:

Create a strong access code and encrypt your data

This method consists in creating an authentication code to lock it so that, if for example someone steals it, that it cannot access the information. This method also enables data encryption. However, one can choose the enhanced password option because the 4-digit numeric password is too simple to be effective.

Enable self-defeating anti-tamper mode

Enabling the data deletion setting on the iPad will automatically erase all data on the iPad, if the wrong access code is entered more than a set number of times.

Tell Siri never to speak to strangers

The Siri Personal Assistant may bypass the security of the lock screen for certain functions. The Siri wizard does not allow strangers to access contacts and other information on the iPad. In some situations, this can be a security risk.

Prevent disabling Find my iPad

The first thing an informed iPad thief would do after stealing an iPad would be to disable location services and disable the Locate My iPad app. However, there is no way to prevent this process by activating the restrictions and changing some parameters.

Lojack your iPad

The Find My iPad app is another option that can be activated so that the iPad can relay its location in case of loss or theft. In this case, you need to activate the location services so that the iPad knows its location. But also the iPad must be connected to a wireless network so that he can communicate with the services of Apple who will indicate where it is.

Use a personal VPN to protect your network traffic

VPNs were a luxury exclusively associated with large companies that provided secure VPN access to their employees to access their corporate networks. Now, with the advent of cheap personal VPN services like WiTopia and StrongVPN, the average Joe can afford the added security provided by a VPN. VPNs provide an encryption wall that protects network traffic from hackers and prying ears.

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