Some reminders about Becky! Internet Mail 2.60

Yves - June 18, 2019

Some reminders about Becky! Internet Mail 2.60 - Intertuto

This email program can shorten the story, offers a host of features so powerful that it is impossible to miss.

Becky! Internet Mail is an email client used on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It was developed by the Japanese company RimArts of Matsudo City, Chiba. Becky! was published in 1996 under the name of Becky! Version 1.

This client is totally powerful, flexible and easy to use. However, it does not include a spam filter and lack of search in the index as well as automatic and automatic categorization of e-mails.

Becky! Internet Mail is one of the messaging programs that can shorten the story, it offers a host of features so powerful that it is easy to miss. The propagation list manager that helps organize subscriptions is a good example, and the interesting reminder feature that allows you to manage scheduled e-mail may be another.

It has flexible indicator filters, labels, templates and smart folders to handle incoming and outgoing messages. Becky! has the ability to arrange messages and allows to choose to display them in plain text or secure HTML.


- Flexible message filters and templates as well as smart folders

- It comes with many powerful and well thought out features

- Plug-ins for secure messaging using OpenPGP and S / MIME

The disadvantages:

- Becky! does not integrate with an anti-spam filter

- Search for mail in Becky! could be faster

- Becky's phishing alerts! Are not smart enough

The description

- Becky! Internet Mail manages multiple POP and IMAP accounts.

. - Supports Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000/3 / XP / Vista / 7.

- Besides looking for Becky! in a flexible way, searches can also be saved in smart folders.

- Versatile filter conditions (including regular expressions) and actions, flexible message templates

- It allows receiving and sending HTML e-mails comfortably but with a reliable security.

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