Use the bat! as a Windows mail client

Yves - August 08, 2019

Use the bat! as a Windows mail client - Intertuto

The bat! is a highly secure email program that can handle even large volumes of mail in a satisfying and secure experience.

The bat! is an email program that can handle even large volumes of mail in a satisfying and secure experience. However, the bat! has a learning curve, and could do with a few fewer options.


- The bat! is a highly secure and confidential email client.

- The bat! provides powerful filters, templates, and virtual folders to manage email.


- Excessive menu commands and options can make this client overwhelming and a little confusing.

- Finding emails and message relationships could be faster and easier.

The description

- The bat! Allows you to connect securely without the password. It can manage multiple POP, IMAP and MS Exchange accounts; for Gmail and other email services that support OAuth.

- Offers powerful filters, regular expressions, a versatile email search engine, free message tags, custom color groups, and folder views.

- It allows you to configure flexible message templates using rich text, macros, and plug-ins.

- Virtual folders can automatically collect mailbox mail based on a very comprehensive set of criteria. An "Inbox Analyzer" detects group mail and newsletters and makes it easy to configure filters.

- Supports encryption of S / MIME and OpenPGP messages, as well as on-the-fly encryption of local data.

- It includes a notebook and flexible planning that allows you to send e-mail reminders, for example.

-With the integration of RSS feeds, we can follow the updates of blogs and websites directly in The bat!

- It offers advanced plain text and a fully functional HTML editor.

- The bat! supports Windows XP and higher.

 - An antivirus plug-in architecture and flexible anti-spam filtering allows you to improve the bat!

This message editor is powerful when it comes to plain text e-mail and its HTML formatting capabilities meet most needs.

Versatile templates for predefined answers facilitate repetitive tasks in The Bat! Its flexible filters allow you to do almost anything automatically in POP, IMAP or MS Exchange email accounts. Templates, filters, and search can also use Perl-style regular expressions for exceptional versatility and accuracy.

The bat! has an interface for anti-spam and anti-virus tools as well as the automatic encryption of local data. Images in emails can be enabled for the trusted hosts from which they are extracted.

Free-form tags, custom labels, folder views, and flexible virtual folders that automatically collect all e-mails that meet specific criteria quickly clean up the frequent flood of e-mails in The Bald -mouse!

Inbox Analyzer configures the filters when messages accumulate in the inbox. It detects bulk mailings, frequent subscribers such as customers and groups such as mailing lists, and suggests setting up folders and filters for each.

And so, if the IMAP support was a little less complex, some delirious options everywhere were spared and the HTML support a little more complete, The bat! could be the absolutely perfect messenger program.

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