The best NBA and WNBA apps for Android 2019

Yves - June 17, 2019

The best NBA and WNBA apps for Android 2019 - Intertuto

Stay up-to-date on game scores and news from your team while being away from the computer with NBA apps for Android.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the world's leading basketball league. Created on June 6, 1946 under the name of BAA, the league is renamed NBA in 1949 after its merger with the NBL. She is one of the top four professional sports leagues in the US, alongside the NFL, MLB and NHL.

The NBA is one of the most popular and fast sports, followed by many people. Thanks to its popularity, we now have some NBA apps for Android devices that allow us to stay up to date on game scores and team news while being away from the computer or television.

theScore: Live sports scores, news, statistics and videos

This free app works like an RSS feed as it searches the Internet for sports-related updates for stats, scores, news coverage, and real-time alerts. It gathers information about NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NCAA football, NHL hockey, English Premier League football, La Liga football, Champions football League and the World Cup.

This application covers all sports.


- A pleasant dark theme.

- An intuitive design of the application.

- Statistics are frequently updated.

The disadvantages:

- Automatic playback of videos.

- Social characteristics are abnormal.

NBA: Official App

Known as the NBA Digital Application. NBA: Official App provides up-to-date scoring information on all NBA games, as well as information about the team and access to all the statistics and rankings that can be solicited.


- Compatible with Chromecast.

- Customize team notifications.

- Design of professional applications.

The disadvantages:

- Many features are only purchased.

- The layout of the application is not intuitive.

Yahoo! Sports

Although not dedicated to the NBA, Yahoo! Sports gives the safest and most up-to-date results for all major sports. His coverage of the NBA, where scores change more often than any other major sport, is flawless. For those who just want to note the updates, this app and its widget must be installed on their Android devices.


- A design of the own application.

- News headlines frequently updated.

- Fantastic leagues.

The disadvantages:

- Inconsistent scrolling directions.

- Inactive social community.

The official WNBA app

Also known as the Center Court app, the official WNBA app provides news, stats, rankings and scores from all four corners of the WNBA league. What makes this application so popular is its fantastic graphics and layout. Adding player photos is a great idea.


 - Easy to navigate.

- Minimalist application design.

- Integrated with Chromecast.

The disadvantages:

- To use the application one must register.

- Fewer features than other sports apps.

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