Top Best Barbie Games for Windows PC

Yves - June 17, 2019

Top Best Barbie Games for Windows PC - Intertuto

Here is a list of the best fun and captivating Barbie games for Pc. Choose from fashion games, princess games, puzzles, adventures, and more.

You have the opportunity to play Barbie games in your Smartphone but the problem with smartphones is first of all the screen. In this article we talk about the best Barbie games for Windows PCs that you can play during your free time.

Among these games Barbie for Windows , you will find among others: Barbie games focused on adventure, solving mysteries, fashion and makeup.

1. Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp

In this game, players have the role of keeping, feeding, training and training horses. They cross the island, participate in horse races, buy clothes and disguise themselves. In this same quest-based game, players drive the horse along the trails and solve puzzles along the way.

2. Barbie as the princess of the island

This video game is based on the movie of the same name. It's a collection of 28 exciting mini-games that keep kids busy and engaged. Games include, among other things, flower picking, dancing, dress making and stargazing. In Barbie as the princess of the island , the players interact as Rosella, the princess of the island, with Barbie and animals on the island. One or two players can also play the game at a time.

3. Barbie and her sisters: puppy rescue

In the game Barbie and her sisters , players meet Barbie's sisters: Stacie, Chelsea and Skipper. All together solve clues and save missing puppies. In this game, players give exams to rescued puppies, prepare them and teach them tricks.

4. Barbie Pet Rescue

This game is a favorite since its release in 2000. In " Barbie Pet Rescue ", players aged 5 to 12 are looking for pets to protect. The Barbie game requires that the player find the best way to save an animal and feed it with the help of Barbie after his rescue. Animals include kittens, puppies and rabbits. A slider on the screen shows pets closely and how they behave when the player loves them and feeds them.

5. Barbie as Rapunzel

In this game, players must find jewels of the prince's crown scattered in a castle. Barbie has to decorate the rooms and put together all the precious stones to help the Prince recover his castle.

6. Barbie fashion show: an eye for style

It's a perfect game for kids who want to simulate a trip to Paris Fashion Week . In this game, players dress Barbie for the podium by choosing styles, colors and textures of clothing. Players can then determine the outfits with accessories. The players of this game imagine outfits and accessories for their own fashion line. There are 10 missions to complete in three different studios.

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