IPhone 6 / 6S; Backup Methods on the Cloud and Computer

Yves - August 08, 2019

IPhone 6 / 6S; Backup Methods on the Cloud and Computer - Intertuto

There are two main options for backing up iPhone 6: on iCloud or on a computer. This article explains how to use both options.

Today, our phones have become safes especially with the iPhone 6 series which is full of important information (text messages, photos and other important data exist only on iPhone), irreplaceable in case of loss. If you lose your phone, you may lose all this information. However, there are strategies to back up your iPhone 6. Either on iCloud or on a computer.

How to back up your iPhone 6 on iCloud

The iCloud account stores photos, passwords, syncs contacts across multiple devices, and more. However, one of the most important things that iCloud can do is back up the iPhone 6. Once iCloud is set up, the iPhone will be automatically backed up to iCloud every time the device is locked, plugged into a source of power and connected to Wi-Fi. Simply to say that the iPhone will be backed up all the time, without the user doing anything.

However, the iCloud account comes with 5GB of free storage. But, a lot of people need more than that to back up all the data on their phone. In this case, we must upgrade the account. In fact, a 50GB iCloud account costs $ 1 a month.

To set up iCloud backup on iPhone 6 or 6S:

- You need to connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi. You can make a backup using the 4G / LTE connection of the iPhone, but the monthly data will be used very quickly.

- Press Settings and then the name at the top of the Settings screen.

- Click on iCloud then scroll down to the bottom and click on iCloud Backup.

- Move the iCloud Backup cursor to / green.

- In the pop-up window, press OK.

- You can choose to save automatically later or press Save Now to start a backup.

You can also use this feature to save photos to iCloud while backing up other data on the computer.

How to back up iPhone 6 on iTunes

The other backup option is to use iTunes. For those who already use iTunes to sync data, this is a good option. But for someone who has never used iTunes on their iPhone, it is advisable to use iCloud.

The backup option with iTunes is almost as simple as on iCloud, but it is not as automatic. The user must have to connect his phone to the computer under iTunes and start the process of his choice.

To back up iPhone 6, 6S (and its variants) on iTunes, you need:

- We connect the iPhone to the computer. This can be done via USB or Wi-Fi (if Wi-Fi sync is already set up). But with USB it's faster.

- Open iTunes if it's not done yet, then click on the iPhone icon under the playback controls in the upper left corner of iTunes.

- We do the search for the section Backups On the management screen of the iPhone ,.

- One must click on the section Automatically save to ensure that the iPhone is always saved on this computer.

- Click Apply in the lower right corner to save this setting.

- Click Backup Now To start a backup.

To enhance security, encryption of the iPhone backup can be done on the computer. This means that anyone who tries to access this backup to view the content or restore it to an iPhone will need to enter an authentication code.

How to back up the iPhone 6 on the computer

There are a number of third-party programs that offer both backup and functionality that iTunes does not have to back up to the computer. These features provide the ability to browse hidden files on the iPhone, recover photos, voice messages and text messages that appear to be deleted, ...

However, these programs usually pay off and may not be as complete and reliable as iTunes. It is always advisable not to use these programs as the sole backup tool. However, the features offered by iTunes are not exactly what we need in some cases.

Why back up on both iCloud and a computer

It is always wise to use both as complementary tools. The best practice is to have two copies: a close copy for use at the moment and another offsite that can be obtained if something happens on the near copy.

This article applies to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as 6S and 6S Plus. Depending on the version of the iOS that is used on the phone, some menu names or options may be slightly different. The basic concepts apply to all versions.

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