The easiest way to back up your iPad

Yves - June 17, 2019

The easiest way to back up your iPad - Intertuto

Use these methods to back up your data in your ipad and prevent a loss of days, months, or even years of data.

Any computer may have problems, but backing up data can prevent the loss of days, months, or even years of data. However, the backup of the iPad is as important as that of the computer. That's why, in this article, we will talk about 3 main methods to save your iPad. However, the best choice depends on the needs of the user, but you must be sure to use at least one of these 3 options.

Option One: Back up the iPad with iTunes

This is the simplest option, every time you synchronize your iPad with the computer, a backup is automatically created. This saves applications, music, books, settings and some other data. This method is used to restore previous data.

However, this option does not really preserve the data. It actually contains pointers to where the music and other data are stored (in the iTunes library). For this reason, you should know that even the iTunes library is also backed up with another type of backup, whether it's an external hard drive or web-based automatic backup services.

Second Option: Back up the iPad with iCloud

To start the process, you must enable iCloud Backup by:

1. Entering the settings

2. iCloud operator

3. Move the iCloud Backup cursor to On / green.

With this change of the setting, the iPad will be automatically saved each time it is connected to Wi-Fi, plugged into the mains and the screen is locked. All data will be stored in the iCloud account.

However, be aware that the iCloud backup does not include applications or music. However, there are options for this:

- For apps, you can download them again for free from the App Store at any time.

- For music, you can re-download music purchased from the iTunes Store, but for music obtained elsewhere, you can save using a hard disk or web service, or iTunes Match. For just $ 25 / year, iTunes Match will add all songs from the iTunes library to the iCloud account for later download. The configuration may take some time, for those who own a large iTunes library, but if you keep your subscription, the recovery of music becomes easier.

Option Three: Back up the iPad with third-party software

The third-party software offers a full backup. To create a full backup of the iPad, one can use the same programs to transfer music from the iPad to a computer. However, it depends on the program, but most can back up more data, applications, and music than iTunes or iCloud.

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