Back up and copy the Windows Address Book

Yves - June 14, 2019

Back up and copy the Windows Address Book - Intertuto

Are you a Windows user? Microsoft provides several programs that help manage their contact.The current iteration People serves as an aggregator.

The backup or copy of the address book and become a major concern of Microsoft during this last decade. It provides several programs that help Windows users manage their contacts. The current iteration - People - acts as an aggregator, periodically synchronizing with connected email accounts to retrieve user data.

Knowing that the Contacts application collects and provides the information that is stored in email accounts, it does not have a native data export feature. So the contents of the People app already exist in the connected email accounts or in the extended contact information of an or Office365 account. There is nothing to back up, copy or export. The Contacts application does not have unique information.

However, there is an earlier version of the People application whose Windows Address Book was separate from email accounts and could contain its own proprietary information. Even though the Windows Address Book ends with Windows XP, some XP users continue to be scattered.

How to back up or copy your Windows Address Book

To create a copy of the Windows Mail Address Book, you must:

- Select / Tools Windows Contacts ... in the Windows Mail menu.

- Select while pressing Ctrl-A. To be assured that all items in the address book are highlighted.

- Do the combination of Ctrl-C.

- Open the desired save location on Windows.

- Press Ctrl-V. Then check if all the items in the address book appear.

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