How to import AOL messages and contacts into Gmail

Geek 2.0 - May 23, 2020

How to import AOL messages and contacts into Gmail - Intertuto

Did you know? Now you are able to move your mail and address book from AOL Mail to Gmail. Read this tip for more information.

                You may be able to take your folders, messages and contacts from AOL Mail to Gmail and vice versa. Fortunately, you can easily copy all of your archived messages and your inbox to Gmail from AOL Mail. Copied messages are not deleted from your AOL account. Note that you can even migrate your address book.

Import AOL messages and contacts to Gmail

Follow this procedure to import your mail and address book from AOL Mail to Gmail:

• Copy all the messages you want to import from your Mail and spam folders sent by AOL Mail to a folder called Registered Mail with AOL Mail or another personalized folder;

• Click on the Settings gear in Gmail;

• Select Settings from the menu that appears;

• Select the Accounts and import tab;

• Click on Import mail and contacts. Click Import from another address if you have already imported mail;

• Enter your AOL email address under Which account do you want to import ?;

• Click on Continue;

• Enter your AOL Mail password under Enter password ([email protected] :);

• Click on Continue;

• Make sure the Contacts Import and Import mail are checked;

• To have messages received on your AOL account automatically copied to your Gmail inbox for one month, check Import new mail for the next 30 days;

• Optionally check Add a label to all imported mail;

o A label allows you to easily find all imported AOL Mail emails in one place. You can still delete the wording of individual messages or delete it completely, but imported contacts will never be tagged.

o Messages imported from AOL mail folders other than New Mail are automatically assigned a label derived from the folder name. Mail imported for example under the name AOL aristotle will have the aristotle label.

o Messages from the Drafts and Spam folders cannot be imported.

o All messages and contacts after being imported into Gmail are still available in AOL Mail.

• Click on Start import;

• Click on OK.

With this article you can use Gmail by copying your email and your AOL address book. You have the procedure allowing you to move your mails and your address book of AOL Mail in Gmail

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