Fix-it: how to unleash your Android

Geek 2.0 - May 29, 2020

Fix-it: how to unleash your Android - Intertuto

Is your Android having trouble responding? This article is a tip that teaches you how to spot the causes and how to fix them.

          Is considered to be in masonry an Android smartphone or tablet that is turned off, it will be more useful than a brick because it has no function available. You can delete your device but to learn more about the causes of hoeing and the ways to jailbreak an Android device, read on.

N.B: the instructions in this article apply to all Android smartphones and tablets in general.

Causes of bricked Android devices

We consider a device that turns on without working as a flexible brick model and a device that does not turn on completely is considered to be hard-built. Boot in recovery mode can be done on a flexible brick device such as for example, using a custom ROM without erasing the data from the original ROM can cause your device to encounter errors in case initialization and this will cause it to loop through an initialization loop.

These are also the other essential causes of brick making:

• Improper installation of important updates;

• Problems with rooting your Android device;

• Missing or corrupt system files;

• Defective physical or material damage;

• Accidental download of malicious programs.

How to jailbreak an Android phone or tablet

On the list given below, the items given there will not work for everyone but there is something there that will help your Android device. You should then try with each of the steps given below to the point where your device will be restarted:

 Remove and reinsert the battery. Remove the battery and replace it well and connect the charger to your device to be sure that it is not the battery which is damaged, reason why it does not light;

 Contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer will help you repair and replace your device for free in case the device is under warranty. You have an obligation to resolve the problems yourself in the event that your warranty is void. The warranty is void if you have asked your Android device to install custom firmware or side-loading apps;

 Contact your telephone operator. You can contact your service provider who can help you perhaps restore your phone or even recover your data in the store once your phone is connected;

N.B: Back up your Android data regularly to avoid losing it.

 Take it to a phone repair shop. It is better to bring your device to a professional repairer but to save money it is better to pay for the parts you miss yourself instead of leaving this task to the repairer;

 Store it in a bag of rice. In case your device does not work because the water had entered inside, you can place your device overnight in a plastic bag of uncooked rice. This will absorb a lot of water and you may have the chance to resuscitate your device;

N.B: Remove sim card from your phone if it is damaged to recover your contacts.

 Replace the screen. Insofar as your device turns on but the screen always remains black, in this case bring your device to a repairer or replace the screen yourself;

 Perform a difficult start. Try a hard start if your device turns on and freezes immediately. Even if this combination varies from one device to another, you can try it Power + Home;

 Restart in recovery mode. You can try to restart your device in recovery mode. To do so, follow these steps:

• Click on volume + Power to start in recovery mode when your phone is switched off;

• To navigate the menu, use the volume button and highlight Restart the system now;

• Click the power button to select the highlighted option;

• Wait to see if your phone will start up normally.

• N.B: Consult the manual of your phone or tablet; it will serve as a guide because the steps given above are not the same for all phones;

 Wipe the cover. You can be helped by temporarily deleting the files. To do this:

• Start your device in recovery mode;

• Select Wipe cache partition;

• Select Restart system now.

 Restore your Android device to Factory Settings. In the event that you have made modifications which have led to a flexible block, you will have to reset the factory modifications to cancel these modifications and your phone will remain as in the state in which it was purchased but the danger is that you will lose all your downloads and installations.

Factory reset in a compacted Android device is as follows:

• Start your device in recovery mode;

• Select Wipe Data / Factory reset;

• Select Yes to reset the device and wait for the process to complete. Once the process ends, return to the main menu of recovery mode;

• Select Restart system now. You will see Android start normally if the process goes well and there you will need to configure your device.

 Reinstall the factory version of your operating system. You can reinstall the operating system of your device as long as you have an SD card slot. Be aware that this method will erase all your personal files.

• Search the web for a ROM file for your device firmware, but the XDA Developer Forum is a good place to start. Enter the name of your device + stock rom in the search bar.

• Download the appropriate ROM (usually contained in a 2IP file) to an SD card.

• Insert the SD card into your device.

• Start your device in recovery mode.

• Select Install updates from SD card.

• Select the ZIP file containing the ROM.

• Select Restart system now.

N.B: you can make your device difficult if you flash an inadequate ROM there reason for which you must make sure to have downloaded the firmware compatible with your model.

 Use an Android unsubscribe tool. Several suitable tools exist that can allow you to differentiate specific devices in case you do not want to use Odin. The Fone Lab Android Data Recovery program, for example, is a tool that allows you to recover the print used to recover Samsung phones and tablets. This program is versatile and it is available for Windows and Mac.

How to unlock Android Samsung device

There has never been a program that can recover all types of phones and tablets. Android and Samsung are not spared this problem because Samsung devices run on a proprietary version of Android. The good news is that there are several programs that can help you get your Samsung phone back to working condition.

 Use Odin to unlock a Samsung phone. Samsung has developed a program for installing custom firmware on Android devices. The only requirement for this program to help you repair bricked Samsung Android phones is to have a Windows computer.

N.B: You must be logged in as administrator to run Odin on your PC.

 Use FoneLab to unlock your Samsung Android device. You can use the FoneLab version to unbrick your Samsung device if you have one.

N.B: even if a free trial version of FoneLab exists also called U.Fone Ulkit, the removal of link creation and data recovery as well as several other features are available with a premium subscription.

• Connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable;

• Download and install the Fone Lab data recovery tool on your computer.

• Open Fone Lab and select Broken Android Data Extraction.

• Select Start on the right side of the window under the Android icon.

• Select the option that best applies to your device, then select Next.

• Choose your device name and device model, then select Confirm.

• To start your device in download mode, follow the on-screen instructions and then to download the recovery package Select Start.

• Restart your device manually when finished if your device does not restart automatically.

You will see your Samsung device working normally if the whole process has gone well.

Take extra care in the future as you don't have exact knowledge of how you built your phone. Do not root your device, avoid downloading anything that does not come from the official app store, do not delete or modify important files, always keep your phone in a protective case to avoid breaking your Android.

This article has let you know what to do in case your Android is unresponsive. Through this, you know the causes of Android devices on the bridle, you have learned how you can unlock an Android phone or tablet, or even a Samsung Android device.

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